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Cem Altındağ

Field of Specialisation - Rhinoplast

Education - Istanbul University

Working Days - Monday-Saturday

Professional Experience - 30 Years

Languages - Turkish, English

Cem Altındağ, who was born in Bolu (1965), completed the successful education process and graduated from Istanbul University-Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1989.

Having completed his specialist training in ENT-Head and Neck Surgery in 1994 in Beyoğlu Educational&Research Hospital, Dr. C. Altındağ took his first steps in his professional life and served in Manisa, Tekirdag and finally in İstinye State Hospital.

He has been a guest physician in nasal aesthetics and surgery specialty in hospitals in London (2001,2002) and has attended many seminars and conferences on aesthetic and functional nose surgery.

As one of the most experienced nasal aesthetic surgeons who has been working for more than twenty-five years on nasal aesthetics only and functional surgery of interest, Dr. Altındağ has accomplished with high number of successful nose aesthetic and functiosnal surgeries (primary or revision rhinoplasties).

He continues to work in partnership with educational hospitals, univercity and medical companies for the development of surgical materials used in operations and for clinical research.

Doctor Altındağ, who has a special interest in sports (bicycle, basketball) and art history, is married and has a daughter. He has continued to work successfully in his profession with his two books and articles. He has memberships in professional associations and T.E.D., H.S.S.K memberships.

Courses and training periods he participated for nasal aesthetics and functional surgery (abroad):

1991 Pittsburgh (PA)-USA, 1997 Graz-Austria, 1997 Ann Arbor (MI) USA, 1998 Berlin- Germany, 1999 London-England, 2000 Porto-Portugal, 2001-2002 London-UK (Royal National ENT Hospital, St.Thomas Hospital, U.C. of London, Lewisham University Hospital), 2009 Amsterdam-Holland, 2013 Imola-Italy, 2014 Munich-Germany, 2016 Paris-France.

He has been working in Istanbul since 1999. His new office is sin Nisantasi, Istanbul (RHINOPLAST-The Nose Clinic) since May 2017 .