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Dental Treatments in Turkey

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✔️ +5000 Procedures Performed Dentist

✔️ Award Winning Clinic

✔️Affordable Prices

✔️ Lifetime Warranty

✔️Quality German and Swiss Certified Products

✔️UK Dental Clinics for Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment plan

✔️ Transfers During Your Stay

✔️ 5* Hotel Accommodation

✔️ Consultation & Aftercare in London and the UK

✔️ Free Dedicated Patient Specialist

✔️ International Accreditation from Ministry of Health

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It’s been an amazing experience!I had a rhinoplasty,hair implant and teeth done through Luviacure.To start I had a phone consultation with Can, he answered all my questions and was very helpful!Once arrived in Istanbul ,everything was organised down to the last detail.I’ve been took from the airport with a VIP car to the hotel,a very clean one,good food and with an amazing staff.The following day I met my translator, Zeynep,absolutely wonderful,I can’t thanks her enough,she held my hand through every step of the process and always answered any questions I had, checked in every day to ensure I am doing ok and was feeling good and comfortable.Also met my driver,Mehmet how took me from hotel to dentist,hospital,clinic and appointments that I had through my staying there, very nice guy,we had a lot of laugh😄.The surgeon,Dr.Erdi was amazing,from the minute that I saw him I know it that is a great doctor and I trust him and I haven’t done it wrong,I am very pleased with the result and no pain at all!The dentist that attend me,very nice person and professional ,all the time she made sure I didn’t feel any pain.Now I have a Hollywood smile😄Very happy with my new hair as well,thanks to the doctors that made sure that I get what I want.Anyway there would be more nice thinks to say about all of yous but I don’t want to make a long story,I will just say that not only I get what I wanted,I also had a lot of fun and made friends that I would like to met them again one day.Thank you very much to all of you guys for everything you’ve done for me.I would definitely recommend you!

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