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Op. Dr. Didem

Field of Specialisation - Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Education - Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women Health Training and Research Hospita

Working Days - Monday-Friday

Professional Experience - 16 Years

Languages - Turkish, English

Gynaecologist Op. Dr. Didem was born in Ankara. Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. At Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women's Health Training and Research Hospital, she received the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Since 2003, she worked at many public hospitals and private hospitals. Op. Dr. Didem Kurban specialized between the years of 2011 and 2014 in IVF in the private hospital HRS. Between 2014-2016 she worked with Prof. Dr. Özgür Deren on normal and risky pregnancies. Since 2016 she has been managing the Ankara Branch of HERA Women's Health Clinic.

She has been done innovative and professional applications for 10 years especially on Women's Sexual Health, Vaginismus Disease, Sexual Reluctance, Orgasm Problems, Painful Sexual Relationship; and Genital Region Aesthetics, Vagina Aesthetics (Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hudoplasty, Vagina narrowing etc. applications) Non-surgical aesthetic applications (vagina narrowing with laser, G-spot enlargement, colour bleaching with laser, Genital PRP applications, Vaginal lips filling applications, Genital area radiofrequency applications).


Op.Dr.Didem Kurban, in relation with genital aesthetic operations, was awarded with “Advanced Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery” certificate by ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery).

She was awarded with "non-Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery Female Genital Methods Practice Certificate" by ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) in 2016.

Beside gynaecology, Op. Dr. Didem Kurban adds acupuncture treatments to Vaginismus and IVF treatment, and combines western and eastern medicine, also serves in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

She is the vice-president of ISAGSS. She provides international courses.

She speaks English and German fluently. She has published many articles in national and international journals.


Some Courses She Attended and Certificates She Took


•             2016 Nogier Auriculotherapy Course (Ear Acupuncture)

•             2016 ECAMS (European Faculty of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) Non-Surgical Female Genital Vaginal Aesthetic Methods Application Certificate

•             2015 ECAMS (European Aesthetic Surgery Association) Women Genital Aesthetic Surgical Methods Application Certificate

•             2016 Robotic Surgery Course 2015 Acupuncture Certificate (Gazi University Faculty of Medicine)

•             2013 Laparoscopy course (Gazi University Faculty of Medicine)

•             2013 Certificate of occupational medicine

•             2012 IVF certification (IVF-ICSI) * 

•             2011 Certificate of sexual counselling and therapy

•             2010 Course on strategies to improve success in single embryo transfer cycles (Tarten)

•             2009 Colposcopy course

•             2009 Basic ultrasonography and gynaecology course

•             2006 Urogynaecology course

•             2006 Ovulation induction course

•             2006 Patient rights course

•             2005 New-born revitalization course (NRP) certificate

•             2004 Fetal Nuchal Thickness Measurement (NT) Certificate

•             2003 Ultrasonography certificate

•             Certificate of Laparoscopy in 2003

•             2003 Minilaparotomy with tubal ligation certificate