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Did Tom Brady Had Plastic Surgery?

Tom Brady Plastic Surgery

It scarcely needs to be said who Tom Brady is. And considering that he is only the most well-known and respected quarterback in NFL history, you don't even need to be a fan of football to be familiar with him.

But when you're this well-known, it's difficult to avoid attention, especially given how much your face has altered over time.

That's been the source of numerous Tom Brady plastic surgery rumours. He has a very slender physique, so it would be simple to blame food and training, but some of the data is quite damning.

So, it was impossible for us to resist taking a closer look at Tom Brady's evolving features. In all honesty, you might be surprised by the answer when asked if he has undergone plastic surgery.

Who Is Tom Brady?

Everyone is aware that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., an American football player, was born on August 3, 1977, making him 46 at the time of writing (didn't see that coming, did you?).

Tom had always wanted to play football, but it was Joe Montana's play that really spurred him on.

You might assume that with his talent, moving up the ranks would have been simple for him, but that was undoubtedly not the case. He was selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft as the 199th overall pick.

Prior to that, he competed for the University of Michigan (Michigan Wolverines), where his 369-yard pass and four touchdowns helped the team win.

Since then, he has participated in 23 NFL seasons (at a time when Statista estimates the average NFL career to last 3.3 years). Not only has he been there for so long, but he has also continually maintained his excellence in the game.

He has participated in 10 Super Bowls, winning 7 of them. His accomplishments are still unsurpassed, as are his technique and precision. He finally left the sport in February 2023.

Which Plastic Surgery Did Tom Brady Have?

According to reports, Tom Brady has undergone numerous surgeries throughout the years. So let's examine these accusations more closely:


Tom Brady recently responded to claims that the NFL is scripted in a video that was just posted by the NFL. Tom's face was the focus of the film. Even a name was given to it: "Botox Brady."

People advised him to cut back on the plastic a little and compared him to gorgeous Squidward and his wife Giselle (which is definitely not an offense!).

He did, of course, appear different. His face appeared smoother and slightly frozen, both classic indications of a (overdone) Botox treatment.

To be honest, while it might have had a factor, he was recently spotted with a very dad-like white beard that gave him a slightly older appearance than he actually is. Anyone witnessing his recent face might have done a double take after that was gone.

However, based on Tom's previous images, we don't believe this is his first experience with Botox because it appears as though he has also undergone "masseter Botox."

By relaxing the masseter muscles in the face, this kind of Botox can aid in creating the appearance of a thinner face. It can be fairly large in certain people, which can give the face a somewhat "boxy" aspect.

By relaxing the masseter muscles in the face, this kind of Botox can aid in creating the appearance of a thinner face. It can be fairly large in certain people, which can give the face a somewhat "boxy" aspect.

Keep in mind, though, that this doesn't produce lasting effects. Brady must have been familiar with Botox for some time because its effects only endure for 3–4 months.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is another cosmetic procedure that Brady is rumored to have undergone. Nothing appears to have occurred there.

The length of Tom's hair is the only thing that has really changed, and it now appears as though he has undergone a hair transplant. But his large forehead and c-shaped temples have remained constant over the years.


Tom Brady's teeth have unquestionably transformed in a way that couldn't have happened without cosmetic dentistry. Of course, it's not plastic surgery, but it is nevertheless a cosmetic procedure that has improved his appearance.

Have you ever noticed how his front teeth used to have a tiny gap in between them? The lower borders of the teeth are now significantly more straight, and that is gone. That might be the result of composite bonding, crowns (whole tooth caps), or veneers (just front tooth covers).

However, the teeth immediately adjacent to his central set are drastically different in size. And no, your teeth don't erupt in that way as you get older. He most likely also has veneers or crowns there.

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