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Lift Up Your Downturned Eyes With Blepharoplasty

downturned eyes

They say the eyes are windows to the soul, conveying a multitude of emotions and serving as a focal point of one's appearance. The eye area often reveals age-related changes, such as drooping eyelids, excess skin, and under-eye bags, which can also impact vision. If you seek to rejuvenate your appearance and address these concerns, blepharoplasty may be an option worth considering.

At Luviacure, we offer blepharoplasty procedures for the upper and lower eyelids to enhance your eye area and restore a more alert, refreshed look.

Procedure Overview

Blepharoplasty ranks among the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries globally. Whether you're familiar with it or exploring it for the first time, understanding the procedure thoroughly is essential before making a decision. As a routine practice at Luviacure, this surgery, typically performed on an outpatient basis, involves making incisions in the eyelids to remove excess fat, sagging skin, and muscle before suturing the area.

Benefits of Blepharoplasty

Consider blepharoplasty if you're bothered by:

  • Drooping upper eyelids

  • Excess upper eyelid skin obstructing vision

  • Lower eyelid skin redundancy

  • Under-eye bags

Though initial improvements are visible immediately, the full effects may take up to six weeks to become apparent.

Preparation for Blepharoplasty

Preparing for blepharoplasty involves several steps to ensure suitability for the procedure. Initial consultations with our eye specialists include a review of medical history and expectations, along with physical and vision examinations. Candidates, typically over 35 and in good health, are advised to discontinue medications and supplements that increase bleeding, quit smoking, and arrange transportation for the surgery.


While blepharoplasty delivers lasting results, post-operative care is vital. Patients usually return for suture removal after 5-7 days and are advised to:

  • Maintain a balanced diet

  • Get ample rest

  • Stay hydrated

  • Engage in light daily activity

  • Avoid alcohol consumption for three weeks

  • Take prescribed medications responsibly

  • Refrain from driving under medication influence

  • Shield surgical scars from sun exposure for a year

Most individuals resume normal activities within 10-14 days, with eyelid surgery typically associated with minimal discomfort and a mild recovery period.

Reach Out To Luviacure Today For Downturned Eyes Surgery

If you find yourself struggling with the effects of aging around your eyes or wish to enhance your appearance for a more refreshed and alert look, reaching out to Luviacure for downturned eyes surgery could be the transformative solution you've been seeking. With our expertise in blepharoplasty procedures and commitment to patient care, you can trust us to guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to post-operative recovery. Don't wait any longer to rejuvenate your eye area and regain your confidence – contact Luviacure today to take the first step towards a brighter, more youthful appearance.

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