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About Us

Luviacure is a UK based medical tourism company also registered in Turkey facilitates medical procedures on hair transplant, plastic surgery, aesthetic dentistry, eye surgery and non-surgical procedures in Turkey. Luviacure trademarks both registered in both countries as well. Furthermore, obtains International Health Tourism Certificate from the Turkish Ministery of Health in terms of a reliable and a professional company moreover providing transfers, accommodation at five-star chain hotels and an English speaking assistance along with your medical procedure at affordable prices.

Our Approach

At Luviacure, with our patient-oriented approach and professional stance, we act with the vision of responding to the expectations of our valued patients with our high-level service quality. With our distinguished staff and state-of-the-art equipped hospitals, we continue our path with firm steps by continuously improving our service quality to meet patient expectations at the highest level.

Our Mission

Luviacure provides the most effective and lasting solutions for the needs and expectations of patients with its quality of service in compliance with international standards and qualified healthcare staff. Our mission as an institution is to increase the satisfaction of our patients to the highest level in the context of superior service based on trust and comfort. Our priority is to reach the leading position in the healthcare sector with our patient-focused and innovative service principle.

Experience in Aesthetic Treatments Makes the Difference at Luviacure

Our company is both the U.K Companies House, as well as being registered in Turkey, so it has the conditions to offer a wide range of services to our patients. At the same time, our company is a UK based company. It has proven its reliability through documentation and it guarantees that it will serve the highest quality operations and treatments to its patients in terms of its services.

We work to provide the most effective service to all of our patients who choose us and we provide privileged facilities to them. Our company, as a company with an International Health Tourism certificate", offers its quality to you. At the same time, it is a company whose reliability and validity have been supported and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey in line with the conformity confirmation issued by the evaluation organizations as a result of the studies carried out.

Luviacure employs doctors and experienced health professionals, each of whom is an expert in their field and has proven themselves successful with their works. We work with qualified doctors, plastic surgeons, dentists and eye surgeons to achieve the highest quality of service and high level of patient satisfaction to different demands and expectations. In line with our patient-oriented service principle, we focus on providing services with international standards at affordable costs.

While the privileges offered by our company to our patients provide advantages for everyone who would prefer our centre, they also reveal the quality of our company. Luviacure provides support to our patients in many ways, including surgeries, services, and practices in order to prevent them to face any trouble and to help. 

Our Office in London

Why Should You Consider Turkey as A Health Tourist?

Health tourism, which has become a rapidly rising value in recent years, has become an important sector in Turkey that continues to develop and renew. In this respect, Luviacure that provides services at international standards with its current technology, sector experience and skilled staff, is also with you in the whole process with its health tourism facilities. To make you feel more confident at this point and to eliminate your concerns, our company is ready to make the best. Acting with a patient-oriented approach, our institution aims to maximise the satisfaction and comfort of our patients with health tourism services such as consultation, airport transfers, accommodation and English speaking assistant.

As Luviacure, we provide our patients with all the necessary information prior to the operation through our consulting services through different channels, while our patient specialists welcome them at the airport as soon as they arrive in Turkey. In addition, with our accommodation service, it is possible for our patients to relax in the best conditions in five-star hotels. In addition, our centre aims to eliminate the trouble of communication by providing you with free English speaking assistant support upon your request. During the operation, Luviacure follows the healing process of its patients with aftercare service, and when they have any complaints, they are treated at our clinic in London. This situation reveals that our company cares about our patients under all conditions.


Luviacure primarily aims to be the best in consultation to patients about their concerns, questions, or whatever they wish to learn. In this respect, the face-to-face consultation service offered to our patients in our London office ensures that they are always prioritized by finding the best answers to their questions under all circumstances. At the same time, our patients can get consultation through online channels.

While our plastic surgery specialists offer you the best surgical methods, we also offer a guarantee to answer all of our patients' questions thanks to our consulting services offered by our company. Our specialist doctors and health team always support you in order to relieve you and eliminate your concerns, and this will prevent the stress of surgery that may be caused by the operation. In this way, a healthier surgery process is provided for our patients. You can contact us to find answers to your questions wonder about our medical and plastic surgeries and services or to get a consultation.

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