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Treatment Process

Aesthetic operations can be performed to improve the person's physical appearance or within the scope of treatment. Having knowledge about the surgical process before embarking on aesthetic or medical treatments is very important in terms of making the right choice and preparing yourself for the process. Acting with a patient-oriented approach, Luviacure adopts customer satisfaction as its primary priority so that you feel safe and in safe hands with all the aesthetic and medical treatments you need.

As Luviacure, we continue to provide the most accurate and effective services in order to carry out their treatment in a healthy manner, in line with our working principle that gives priority to the satisfaction of our patients. In this respect, we provide services in line with the main processes, in the treatments we perform by producing constructive solutions to the needs of all our patients whose from at home and abroad and by providing an immediate return.


Treatment Process in Luviacure

For patients who are considering plastic surgery, the process is carried out from the beginning to the end within a specific plan by our center. In Luviacure, which offers superior service quality in accordance with international standards, treatment processes are carried out in three phases. These phases are listed as follows:

1. Pre-treatment

2. During treatment

3. Post-treatment


The pre-treatment process is also the consultation phase. The patient who makes the surgery decision contact us via online communication channels or face-to-face at our London office. At this stage, the patient's complaints are listened to in detail and then we contact our doctors about the treatment process and the patient's suitability by requesting available photographs. In line with these interviews, a personalised treatment plan is created by our specialist doctors, taking into account the patient's current additional diseases and medical history, and a road map is determined for the surgery.

The presentation of the determined treatment plan is made to the patients by us and the process is transferred to the patient in a transparent manner. At this point, as an institution that knows the value of patient health, we always care that the patient has detailed information about the procedures and knows what they will experience as the process progresses, in line with our reliable and effective service principle.

Doctor and Patient

During Treatment

The treatment process is a process that covers all the details, not just the operations. At this stage, the patient is provided to meet the specialist doctor who will perform the treatment and to learn the process one-on-one by the specialist physician. During the interview, the patient is consulted by the doctor for his or her condition requiring treatment, and then the most appropriate treatment option is determined by taking into account the patient's demands and requests. In this process, our specialist physicians respond sincerely to the questions and problems that are put in the patient's mind, thus reducing the stress level that they experience on the operation.

All of our aesthetic and medical treatments are carried out in JCI-accredited A+ hospitals by experienced plastic surgeons and qualified doctors; each specialized in their own field. After the operation is performed, the patient is kept under observation for one or two days depending on the type of operation. When the observation process is complete, the patient returns his/her home.


In terms of the health and satisfaction of our patients, Luviacure provides patient support services with special patient consultants and expert health team during the post-treatment process. By means of aftercare service, while the patient's day-to-day follow-up is provided, also the points that need to be taken care of during the healing process are shared with the patient. The patient can be treated instantly through our aftercare clinics in London. So, in case of any complications that may occur after the treatment process, the patient does not have to come back to Turkey. In addition, we continue to provide aftercare services to find solutions to all questions and problems of our patients through our communication channels during the post-operation process.

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Why Should You Choose Us For Your Plastic Surgery Process?

In order to achieve the desired successful results in plastic surgery operations, which is one of the areas of medicine that requires expertise and experience, it is very important that the operation is performed in the right centers by qualified specialists. In this respect, Turkey is one of the most preferred country in aesthetic operations with its qualified medical staff and cost advantage. For example, while rhinoplasty prices start from 5500 pounds in the UK, in Turkey this surgery is carried out at a cost of approximately 2000-2500 pounds by surgeons who earned a reputation with their experience and expertise in well-equipped hospitals including accommodation.

Luviacure is a UK-based professional firm with clinics in both Turkey and the UK. Our center carrying out its work with superior quality service understanding and standards, perform surgeries in fully equipped JCI-accredited hospitals and clinics.

Thanks to the meticulous work of Turkish surgeons and physicians who have proven their success in surgeries they have performed, we know that the result will get make your face smile, and we carry out all our work in this direction. We ensure that the operations of our patients are performed in confidence and follow-up is carried out after the process. By choosing Luviacure, you will have made the right choice for yourself and your health. Imagine the person you want to be and leave the rest to expert hands. You will reach your dreams much faster than you expect.

You can contact us at any time to get your desired healthy and attractive appearance with affordable price advantage and superior service quality.

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