What British people are curious about Turkey when they come for surgery?

Here are some frequently asked questions from our past patients.

General FAQ

What is your medical success rate?

We have not had any failure in any of the medical procedures we have offered in the last five years. More than 95% of our pa)ents say they are very happy with the results.

What medical guarantees does your company offer?

We assure you that your medical procedures will be done in accordance with the Turkish Ministry of Health’s medical standards. Our surgeons are insured against errors and we offer free corrective procedures in case of problems.

Can I withdraw funds from an ATM machines?

Visitors can withdraw money in Turkish lira, as well as euros and US dollars with their debit card at ATMs in Turkey. Most ATMs offer a choice of English or other languages for foreigners.

Do I need a Visa for Turkey?

Most citizens of the country require a visa for Turkey, which can be obtained upon arrival at Ataturk airport. Visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at www.mfa.gov.tr/visa- informa)on-for-foreigners.en.mfa to find out detailed requirements.

How much money do I save when I travel for a medical procedures abroad?

Based on the type of medical attention you seek, you can save up to %80 in Turkey compared to the Britain.

Do medical support personnel, such as nurses, speak English?

Most of the nurses and patient nurses at our clinic speak English.

Can I get a medical report in English after my operation?

Yes, our clinic can provide medical reports in English upon request.

How can I be sure of your legitimacy?

We work with physicians renowned in their medical exper)se and professionalism. Our Medical Company is registered with the Companies House in Britain and Turkey. Our clinic is equally certified by the international accreditation bodies like JCI.

Why medical procedures abroad is cheaper?

According to WHO, more than 2/3 of the costs of medical interventions are related to work. The fees of a physician abroad, which is a significant part of the fees of a medical procedure, is but a fraction of the salary in Western states. Also, there is the currency difference!

Can I chat with the Turkish doctor before my travel?

You can ask us any questions about preferences, hesitations etc.

Is traveling after surgery safe?

95% of complications after medical procedures occur in the first week right after surgery. You’ll remain at your destination of care throughout this time if you have a follow-up appointment with the clinical team.

Is medical tourism in Turkey safe?

This is actually the first & perhaps the most essential question that arises when it comes to medical tourism. Every medical procedure, wherever it is performed, has risks.

What does medical tourism refer to?

Medical tourism refers to practice of traveling across different countries for medical treatment. Services commonly used by tourists are elective procedures like as hair transplantation, plastic surgery, eye surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and non- surgical services.

What kinds of procedures do medical tourists often require?

Mainly, medical tourists search for elective procedures for instance as hair transplants, plastic surgery, eye surgery, cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical services.

Who is a facilitator of medical tourism?

Medical tourism intermediaries are independent companies that coordinate patient travel to other countries for medical treatment.

What people eat as breakfast In Turkey?

In Turkey breakfast is anything but cereal and toast. The typical breakfast includes Turkish cheese, butter, olives, eggs, jam, cucumbers, tomatoes, honey & kaymak, a cream-like dairy product that is no different from cream.

Should I give tips in Turkey? And to who?

In Turkey it is common to tip drivers, waiters, hotel employees and tour guides. A restaurant generally includes a 15 % tip on the bill, though generally gives an additonal 10-15 percent to the bartender who does odd jobs at the eatery & tables.

Can I wear a Bikini?

Yes, you can.

When can I eat In Turkey?

You can eat when you’re hungry. Note that; Dinner usually starts late at night in Turkey & you won't see several people eatng before 8pm and staying in restaurants and outlets until midnight.

Is Turkey secure and safe?

Yes. Though, it is best to store your valuables safely at your hotel, as you would at your home country.

Is my credit card going to work?

People live on plastic cards in Turkey; you can also use your own credit card at some vending machines. Although Visa Card is mostly used, it will be good in-spite what you carry.

Why do you need my passport details?

Passport details are required for the air ticket as the name on the ticket must match the passport and hotels that require official guest identification.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Turkey?

Turkey enforces safe hygiene standards and tap water is suitable for bathing and routine activities such as brushing your teeth. However, as it is very rich in chlorine (especially in summer), it is advisable to drink bottled water.

Can I use my mobile phone in Turkey?

You may buy a prepaid SIM card at Istanbul Airport once you pass the arrival gate. Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it, but you can wait while you buy a SIM card.

Is British Pound useable in Turkey?

Outside the Turkish airport, you should struggle to find someone willing to accept something other than the Turkish Lira. Though if you have British pound, don't be afraid. There are offices for currency exchange everywhere.

How do I go around in Turkey?

Turkey has an excellent air-conditioned long-distance bus network & a ticket systems, so you don't have to be disturbed about seats. You can equally pay more & get luxury, premium, and air-conditioned sofas.

Do I need any vaccinations in Turkey?

Turkey's medical tourism zone is modern & clean, & you generally run no other risk than catching a cold or food poisoning (well hopefully not).

Am I required to speak in Turkish?

You’re not require you to speak Turkish, though any attempt to use the language will be appreciated. You’ll be accompanied by an English speaking assistant.

Is there widely available internet in Turkey?

Most of the hotels in Turkey have internet installed and are open to customers. You can get a password at the reception. You should always check if there is any charge before using it. Also, there are internet cafes in the busiest cities.

Do I have to pay other expenses in Turkey?

We offer an all-inclusive package that includes expenses for medical procedures, lodging, meals, personal transfers and private lodging. Apart from booking your flight, you will not be charged any additional fees when booking our all-inclusive package.