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Where Do We Cure?

Luviacure is a UK based company that is also registered in Turkey providing high-quality services in the field of plastic surgery for patients from many different countries of the world. Luviacure which has been active in the sector for a long time and operates through its clinics based in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, as well as its branch in London, provides high-level healthcare to its patients.

High Quality Health System

After the Health Transformation Program in Turkey great progress has been made and the quality of the health system has been improved with the innovations made. Turkey has a qualified and high-quality health system in line with its success in using modern hospitals, qualified manpower who specialises in his field and technological infrastructure.

In recent years, Turkey, which has made significant investments in the field of health especially with city hospitals, has made great advances in both technology and service aspects in the field of aesthetic treatments. Turkey, which is among the top 10 countries of the world through an aesthetic market volume exceeding $ 2 billion, hosts an average of 35 million foreign health tourists per year.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

The Right Address for the Most Successful Aesthetic Treatments: Turkey!

Many people around the world want to be treated with aesthetic concerns and health problems. In this respect, the demand for aesthetic operations continues to increase. Welcoming health tourists from many countries around the world, Turkey is considered as one of the most important countries in terms of treatments needed in many different areas, from hair transplantation to aesthetic operations, from general health to dental treatment. Turkey, which is far ahead of many countries in the world in terms of health tourism, has an important place in terms of aesthetic and medical centres.

Turkey is giving a new dimension to the concept of aesthetics surgery with its latest technologies, the appropriate cost advantage, JCI-accredited equipped hospitals and specialised surgeons and health professionals. With these advantages, it accepts patients from all over the world, both from Turkey and abroad. Today, foreign world-famous football players and celebrities prefer Turkey in aesthetic operations as their first choice. 

Health tourism services offered in Turkey both in the field of aesthetics and in other fields are remarkable because they are above world standards. Aesthetic and plastic surgery in Turkey provides a quality health tourism service by organising the whole process from the arrival of patients to their accommodation and return to the country. For example, our clinic in Turkey welcomes its patients with VIP vehicles while they are at the airport and places them in 5-star hotels. In addition, our institution offers comfort and quality in the whole operation process with English speaking assistant support and consultation services.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

Reliable Aesthetic Treatments with Qualified Surgeons

Turkey is among the top five countries in Europe in aesthetic operations with its talented and highly trained surgeons, hospitals with high health standards and safe treatment options. In Turkey, which is considered one of the most important countries in the health sector, successful and professional experts are trained.

Doctors and surgeons who specialize in their fields in line with their education are also developing themselves in line with the changing technology and developments in the field of Medicine and are achieving superior achievements with new techniques. Surgeons who have numerous surgery experiences also increase their experience by taking an active role in medical congresses and in scientific studies and offer the most effective and personalized treatment solutions to suit the needs of the patient. Luviacure, which constantly develops itself in line with the latest technologies, performs all the aesthetic procedures with its internationally recognized specialist doctors, from a scientific and ethical perspective, with the most advanced medical and surgical approaches.

World-Class Quality Service with Affordable Price Advantage

The expertise and technology in Turkey are capable of meeting the aesthetic expectations of the patients. Into Turkey that welcomes thousands of tourists from especially in Europe and the Middle East countries each year, nearly 500,000  tourists came for hair transplantation last year.

In addition to the high-quality services it offers in aesthetics, Turkey is also advanced in comparison to many other countries with its affordable price advantage. For example, while the prices of hair transplantation, which is the most popular aesthetic surgery, starts from £7500 in Europe and UK, in Turkey it is performed with the prices starting from £2000, including hotels and transportation. Also, in rhinoplasty, prices start at £8000 in Europe and the UK, while in Turkey these prices start at £3000 including 5-star hotels, transfer and English speaking assistants.

Luviacure provides first-class health services to its patients from various countries with the advantages offered by the health system in Turkey while providing %100 customer satisfaction by performing the most accurate, highest quality and most successful treatments thanks to its professional and expert staff.

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