Botox is one of the preferred medical aesthetic practices by many people in recent years and is especially used to achieve young and vibrant skin. Luviacure provides you to have healthier and younger skin by getting rid of your skin wrinkles with botox treatment, which is performed with its skilled and dedicated surgeons at affordable prices.



Fine lines and wrinkles may occur on the skin depending on many factors such as aging, stress, sun effects, smoking, air pollution and menopause. It is not possible to eliminate these effects with cosmetic products thoroughly. In this respect, botox is one of the most reliable and easiest non-surgical methods to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that naturally occur on the face.

How is Botox Done?

Botox, a medical protein called botulinum toxin, is a treatment that temporarily blocks the functioning of muscles by blocking the connection between nerve and muscles in the region where it is applied. Facial wrinkles are prevented with this treatment and it is applied to the mimic muscles to make muscle movements softer.

Before botox treatment, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the patient. After that, botox protein is injected into the wrinkle points in small doses by very thin needles. This protein, acting as a neurotoxin, targets the nervous system and prevents muscle contraction. In this way, wrinkles are opened on the skin and other areas work normally to maintain facial expression. The medical protein injected with botox is effective only in the injected area and does not enter the general circulation.

Treatment usually lasts 10-15 minutes and minimal discomfort is felt during the application. Botox treatment usually does not require anaesthesia, but local anaesthetics creams are used upon the patient's request.

On Which Areas Can Botox Be Applied?

Botox is applied to:

  • All areas where wrinkles and fine lines are dense in the face

  • Vertical lines that appear on the neck caused by ageing

  • Around the mouth, chin, and tip of the nose

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Expected Results

Although botox treatment varies according to the person's muscle structure and treatment area, the procedure starts to take effect after an average of 24-72 hours. The expected effects usually occur one week after the treatment.

Side Effects

The toxin injected into muscles during botox is generally well tolerated and causes little side effects. These side effects are usually temporary and disappear on their own without any intervention.


How Long Botox Results Last?

The duration of the effect of botox treatment varies according to the patient. It is natural for people who use facial muscles more to have a shorter duration of action. The results of Botox treatment are temporary and the results last 4 to 6 months depending on the treatment. Botox, which is effective only in the area applied, has no effect on other muscles. Once the effect is gone, botox can be applied again and this treatment can be continued for life.

Botox Injections in Turkey

Turkey is a country that follows the developments in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery closely and develops new techniques and applications. In this respect, it is one of the most preferred countries in aesthetic and medical treatments with its high-quality treatment options and international standards. In addition, while Turkey offers much more advantageous and affordable prices in aesthetic and plastic surgery treatments than many countries do, it welcomes many health tourists every year with its continuing practices in terms of post-treatment services.

Botox Treatment in Luviacure

Luviacure carries out its treatments in JCI- accredited hospitals that have qualified hygiene and equipment certificates with qualified plastic surgeons who have proven themselves on the international platform. In line with our patient-oriented service principle, our institution, which is with you at every step of the treatment, before and after, prepares a comfortable and safe environment for your treatment with consultation, transfer, accommodation and English-speaking assistant services. Luviacure where you will get the most effective results with personalised treatment options suitable for our patients follows the post-treatment process with you through the aftercare service.

You can contact us for more information on botox and other treatment options.