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Luviacure provides the most effective and lasting solutions for the needs and expectations of patients with its quality of service in compliance with international standards and qualified healthcare staff.

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The duration of your treatment varies according to the procedure that you will have and is roughly as follows:


Day 1: Arrival in Turkey

When you land in Turkey, someone will greet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel that has been arranged and booked for you. Depending on the arrival time of your flight, you might have the option to be taken to the hospital the same day for your first consultation with doctor face to face. This is an option; you can choose to spend the rest of the day at the hotel when you first arrive.


Day 2: Prelimanry Examination 

You will be picked up from your hotel by a private vehicle and dropped off at your clinic. When you arrive at the clinic, you will meet your dentist in person to discuss your treatment including the procedure and what to expect from it. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have help clarify the procedure and quell any doubts you may have. Your dentist will be happy to answer and all questions to help inform you and put you at ease.


Day 3: Beginning of The Treatment 

On the second day, you will be taken to the clinic to begin your treatment. Initially, the dentist will examine you and following that, an x-ray will be taken. The dentist will examine your x-ray results and will determine your personal treatment plan. The dentist will explain the procedure to you in depth highlighting each stage of the process. If you agree to the treatment, the dentist will begin the procedure. Afterwards, you will be driven to the hotel to rest and recover from the surgery.


Day 4: Resting Day

In order to ensure that you are not too tired, the dentist will recommend you rest on this day, meaning there will not be any appointments on the third day. You can spend this day relaxing at your hotel and take the time for yourself. If you are feeling up to it, you can go and explore the streets of Istanbul!


Day 5: Final Day of The Process 

You will be taken to clinic for follow-up operations. Generally, these procedures are completed on the fourth day after your arrival to Turkey. You will be brought to the clinic for your final procedures. If your procedure is prolonged, you will be brought back to the clinic. All these steps will become clearer when you schedule your treatment as they are dependent on the type of treatment you undergo.


Day 6: Departure to Your Country 

A few hours before your flight, you will be taken to the airport to return home by private vehicle. When you arrive back, you can always contact with your Patient Specialist whenever you have a problem, question or concern.

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