Root Canal


Root canal treatment is applied in cases where the pulp (tooth nerve) is damaged in a way that it cannot repair itself with any condition like tooth decay or infection. With this treatment, it is aimed to restore functionality to the tooth that cannot function due to decay and infection and prevent tooth loss.


Root Canal Treatment Process

Root canal treatment is performed in three stages. In the first stage, detailed radiography and dental examination are performed to see the condition of the tooth and determine the treatment. In this way, the dentist can clearly see the location and severity of infection in your teeth. After the preparation process, an inflamed pulp is removed by landing in the root canal by numbing the tooth. Then the inside of the tooth disinfected. If there is any decay in the tooth at this stage, treatment of these bruises will also be done. In the third stage, the pulp cavity and canals in the tooth that are free from infection are filled up to the root tip.

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Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Recently, in line with new methods in cosmetic dentistry, especially in implant treatments, Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries in reliable dental treatments. So, as Luviacure we aim to add value to your health by combining medical and aesthetic applications in Turkey with world-class quality services and low cost. We promise a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience with our airport transfer, accommodation and English speaking assistant facilities, which we offer in line with our principle of being with you at all times from the beginning to the end of the process. We also provide you aftercare service to check if you have any complaints or adverse events after the surgery.

You can contact us for information about the procedure, costs and all the other topics you are interested in about our root canal treatments in Turkey!