General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Read carefully before using the services held by “Luviacure Limited”. By accepting terms and conditions you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions apply to whom accepts and uses the “Luviacure” website. Luviacure reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Luviacure doesn’t accept any liability to any user or third party for any alterations in these terms and conditions.


  1. Under these terms and conditions,  “Agreement” refers to this agreement; “terms and conditions” refers to these terms and conditions; “Program” refers to the details of the treatment packages; “trading name” refers to Luviacure; “service provider” refers to the hospital, private clinic, surgeon or any other medical professional providing consultation, examination, medical procedure and care and aftercare; “destination” refers to the State and/or city of your medical treatment; “treatment package” refers to the total of surgery, accommodation, private transfers, host and pre-operative tests; “procedure” refers to the medical treatment or surgery.

  2. Treatment Package price will include the costs of your choice of services from surgery; accommodation; private transfers; host; pre-surgery tests

  3. Additional charges can be issued for any tests considered necessary because of a pre-existing condition or your exposure or vulnerability to any condition before or after the surgery.

  4. You will be charged with a non-refundable deposit payment when you accept the price quote under these Terms and conditions. Your deposit can be paid via credit card, debit card or bank transfer. Any service charges issued by banks shall be carried by the patients.

  5. Package price residue after charging the deposit payment shall be paid prior to your departure from your home country. Luviacure will not be liable for the services provided by the Service Provider due to full payment for the package price.

  6. Non-payment of the full package price before the date of departure from your home-country constitutes a breach to this agreement thus Luviacure will not be obliged to deliver any services to you.

  7. Treatment packages may include stay at the hospital. If the hospital stay takes longer than one night, prices for additional nights shall be charged by the current rates of the hospital.

  8. Luviacure only assist you and the Service Provider to form a consultation and/or dialogue. Luviacure does not hold medical qualifications and does not provide any medical advice and does not operate or control any Service Provider facility or service offered by them. You and the Service Provider providing the treatment establish a contractual relationship. Luviacure shall not be held responsible or liable for any medical procedures provided through your chosen Service Provider. Luviacure will not be responsible or liable for any care, treatment or other services you are provided with by the same, or for any malpractice claims, complications and dissatisfactions that may arise directly or indirectly from the advices and treatments provided by the Service Provider. You shall read Service Provider’s terms and conditions and consent forms carefully prior to your treatments.

  9. Treatment plans offered by Luviacure may change after the Service Provider examines you in person. In case of the treatment plans change there may be additional cost for the new treatment plan.

  10. If your treatment plan changes, you have the right to not to pursue with the treatment. You will receive a refund after deducting costs for tests and consultations and other necessary expenses. Accommodation, travel and transfer costs provided by third parties are not eligible for refund.

  11. If your treatment plan changes and you decide to proceed with the new treatment plan, you will receive a revised price quotation, and the balance to the Service Provider will be adjusted based on the previously made payment. Duration of your stay in Turkey may also change, and the number of days for your stay in Turkey will be considered.  Luviacure will not be responsible or liable for the non-arrangement, disorganisation or cost of the extra days.

  12. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree not to hold Luviacure responsible for medical negligence or malpractice by your chosen Service Provider.

  13. As Luviacure will not be responsible for the services, medical treatments and procedures provided by the Service Provider, you shall not make publicly negative statements, criticize or discredit Luviacure or any of its employee, associate or partner on review websites, social media networks etc. about Service Provider’s treatments and actions during or subsequent to contract period. If you breach this article, you agree to immediately take down the content upon our assessment and to pay damages in the amount of 3000 pounds to Luviacure.

  14. Luviacure will provide you Programs in regard to information on your package including the costs; information on visa requirements; information on official health related procedures.

  15. Luviacure will provide you information about your journey before your departure in regard to transportation; the name, address and telephone number of your chosen Service Provider or of an agency

  16. Luviacure does not operate or control the services offered by accommodation, travel or transfer agencies. Luviacure does not guarantee any use of a third-party providers and will not be responsible or liable for any for any damages arising from the transactions between you and the third-party providers. You shall read the third-party provider’s terms and conditions before making a reservation. 

  17. Luviacure will contact you if a cancellation or change in your booking is made by Luviacure. You have the right to rearrange or cancel your Procedure. If you decide to cancel your booking, you will get a refund calculated on a scale. Luviacure will not be responsible for any failure or delay in fulfilling its obligations and duties beyond its reasonable control or circumstances of force majeure including but not limited to fire, floods, earthquakes, embargoes, war, civil unrest, strikes, terrorist activity, flight delays or cancellations.

  18. The Programs supplied by Luviacure forms a part of this Agreement and shall be read together.

  19. By accepting this Agreement, you accept and agree that you have read and understood the informations hereunder.

  20. You have the responsibility to make sure you have a valid passport, a visa (if necessary) and other required documentation.

  21. If asked for, you shall submit passenger information to your chosen airline in advance of your departure.

  22. You are responsible to meet the requirements for entrance to your stop-off and final destinations.

  23. If you fail to meet the aforementioned necessary requirements, or provide incorrect documentation, you may be refused from travelling or entrance to the State of destination. You accept that Luviacure will not be held liable and you will be responsible for all your losses.

  24. Luviacure is not liable for any compensation, expenses, refund or other sum in regard to your failure to travel with the required passport, visa or other documentation. You are responsible for any fines or expenses resulting from the said failure.

  25. Luviacure does not accept responsibility for missing flights, including your connections. You shall provide all necessary documents, including passports and visas.

  26. In advance your travel, you will acquire health advice relating your specific needs, or any required or recommended vaccinations. 


You should also seek advice from your family doctor.


  1. By accepting this Agreement, you agree to obtain insurance through an approved insurance agency as a condition to purchase a Treatment Package. The aim of the insurance is to indemnify you for any losses suffered because of insolvency, travel problems or medical issues.

  2. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you allow Luviacure to share the details of your medical history to your Service Provider before your travel to partly ensure your suitability for the planned treatments. Luviacure will not be liable if the medical history form has not been completed thoroughly or correctly or if any information is withheld.

  3. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you allow Luviacure to obtain your patient file for our records from the Service Provider. Luviacure will not transfer or sell your personal data to any third party except with the aim of providing services.

  4. You may cancel your booking with a written notice at any time. Cancellation will enter into force in before at least a week. Cancellation fee relies on the actual expenses and disbursements, except the circumstances mentioned in article 3.4. Your deposit will be kept as a reservation fee in case of a cancellation.

  5. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you permit Luviacure to keep your personal data in detail including medical records. Luviacure will not disclose your personal data, records, information without taking your consent. Luviacure will only share your data in regard to your treatment.

  6. Luviacure preserves all patient information in compliance with Turkish laws regarding the release and disclosure of personal health information. Luviacure will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you permit Luviacure to use your before and after photographs to operate and improve our site, to process your transactions, to provide customer service, for research and analysis, services and technologies, and for customized content.

  7. This Agreement is governed by Turkish law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Republic of Turkey.




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16. If the Parties fail to reach a resolution within 3 months by any reason, either party may apply to courts.


17. The Parties’ obligations under this Agreement shall continue in case of a dispute.


18. All disputes shall be governed by Turkish law and are subject to review under Turkish Courts.


19. You can contact Luviacure via