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I had the experience I was expecting everything went smoothly hotel was comfortable, the clinic was clean, the staff was interested. I went to Turkey to have breast augmentation. I was extremely nervous just before the surgery, the surgeon explained everything in advance and made me feel comfortable and was given lots of information before and after the procedure would recommend it to anyone in the same situation. Thank you luviacure.


Luviacure have made me feel really settled about going abroad for surgery. I had a tummy tuck operation in Istanbul at September maybe It is early for a review since I am in the recovery period, however As for the surgery it went perfect the surgeon spoke really good English and provided all the post instructions. I was a bit nervous about going abroad and luviacure have impressed me. Would highly recommend to family or friends or anyone thinking of about surgery.


Wow, Good service, great team, everything went according to plan. Would highly recommend.


A friend of mine recommended me them, and I got my hair transplant done with luviacure. Can't complain about the luviacure experience, everything was easy and accomplished as they promised from the start. Everything was straight forward from the point onwards and was an overall great experience.


Ive made my noise with Luviacure. Consultation and surgeon was so interested its been 3 months from then and my nose is looking so natural and beautiful definitely recommend Luviacure!


I enjoyed my experience coming to turkey and having my hair transplant done by luviacure. It's been only a week from the transplant, but It looks lush already. All the staff was helpful kind and made me feel welcome they reassured me in all aspects of the operation from start to finish .explained everything in an outstanding English manner interpreter was great. I will recommend luviacure to my friends back home in the UK .great work guys thanks so much.


luviacure was amazing; Ahmet made me feel comfortable and was always reassuring. The staff at the clinic were fantastic and again very empathetic would recommend luviacure.


Everyone at luviacure from start to finish has been amazing, couldn’t have asked for better. I would definitely recommend and would be sure to come back if I need. Thank you so much luviacure staff.


I just got back from having surgery with luviacure a few days ago. Their service was literally outstanding that they took me from the airport with a VIP vehicle I felt the quality and the importance that they give to their patients and my Hair Transplant procedure went so good. The day before the surgery I was real nervous though I would highly recommend using them for hair transplant and they are very reasonably priced in terms of the quality service they provide.


The patient coordinators, the doctors and the nurses are all helpful and very lovely, They are so easy to reach at any time. Thank You So Much luviacure.


The experience was insanely smooth! I was in touch with the team about getting a rhinoplasty for cosmetic and breathing reasons and honestly. They are answering all of your questions so quickly and their surgeons are real experts. I absolutely recommend going to them to get a rhinoplasty. It’s been 2 months from then and now I can breathe much better; with luviacure you are in the right hands!

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