The mouth and teeth are complementary parts of the face. In addition, healthy and white teeth are the most important signs of personal care. So, white teeth, proper alignment and natural appearance form the basis of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Aesthetics

The problems that occur in the appearance of teeth negatively affect people's smiles and accordingly their psychology and social life. At this point, dental aesthetics come into play and improve the form or color of the teeth with the most accurate treatment methods. Dental aesthetics practices positively affect the health and mood of the person and improve the quality of life by increasing the self-confidence and social communication of the people.

What is Dental Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics is a branch of science that combines science and art in medicine and offers a variety of treatment options in order to achieve the aesthetic results desired by the person's dental appearance. In addition to treating the patient's teeth, aesthetic dentistry relies on the practices of treatments that will make the teeth look better. In addition to achieving oral and dental health, patients have an ideal appearance and an aesthetic smile as a result of these treatments.

Dental aesthetics is a complete set of procedures applied to correct negative situations such as distortions in the arrangement of your teeth, widths in the range, darkening of the color. In addition, an aesthetic plan is created by considering the negativity, color mismatches and darkened fillings caused by your earlier coverings.

As Luviacure, you can have more beautiful smiles with a healthier dental structure through the dental aesthetics practices that we perform through our qualified dentists and surgeons who have developed themselves in the field in Turkey.

When is Dental Aesthetics Needed?

Dental aesthetics consist of practices that aim to create an ideal smile and make the teeth appear as best as possible. So, patients who have teeth gaps, crooked teeth stained teeth, missing and broken teeth, closing disorders, worn fillings and dentures with color and shape indicating the mismatch can benefit from these practices.

Dental Aesthetics Practices

The main consideration in dental aesthetics treatment is to first apply the necessary treatments for the patient's oral and dental health, then continue the treatment to capture the ideal aesthetic appearance.

The most commonly used dental aesthetics treatments in Luviacure are teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental veneers and implants.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most widely recommended and used cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world, helping you achieve a healthy and white smile. With the help of preparations applied to the surface of the teeth, discoloration of the teeth due to various factors is eliminated. It is easy to apply and practical and it is a method that satisfies the patients in a very short time with its quick results.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns that provide an aesthetic solution for the treatment of wear, fractured or missing teeth, while strengthening the tooth to give functionality, also create an appearance that is compatible with other teeth. This allows patients to have more natural and healthy teeth.

Dental Veneers

As Luviacure Istanbul we also offer other dental aesthetic procedures such as dental veneers. Dental veneers are aesthetic restorations that do not require the complete covering of teeth, only affixed to their front faces in the form of sheets. It is an ideal form of restoration that can be applied to change the color, shape and size of the tooth.


Dental implants are one of the most natural and effective treatments for tooth loss, also give the teeth an aesthetic and natural posture. Dental Implants are structures placed inside the jawbone to replace lost teeth and which act as natural root by fusing with bone. As a result of this treatment, the patient's missing teeth are completed; the result is not only a beautiful smile but also a younger appearance.

Dental aesthetics has many advantages in terms of accelerating the healing process and increasing the comfort of the patient by using technologies such as laser in clinical settings during some treatment stages.

Get White and Healthy Smiles with Dental Aesthetics in Luviacure

With dental aesthetic practices, Luviacure provides permanent solutions in order to eliminate aesthetic and health concerns, thus giving its patients the appearance and self-confidence they dream of. As a patient-oriented institution, our center, which ranks patients ' health and satisfaction first, performs its treatments in fully equipped JCI-accredited hospitals with the best physicians and surgeons.

Luviacure that gives a new dimension to the aesthetic concept with its service quality in international standards provides comfort and security for its patients in the whole process with its consultation, airport transfer, accommodation and English speaking assistant services. We also continue to check on our patients for a year after treatment with our aftercare service and provide additional treatments in line with their needs with our London clinics.

Reliable and Affordable Dental Aesthetics Practices in Turkey

Dental aesthetic treatments in Turkey are performed in JCI-accredited hospitals and clinics that are highly equipped and have technical competence with modern equipment and top quality material. The dentists in Turkey have the required qualification and warranties and certificates for the work are issued. The services are in compliance with the very best medical standards whereas the costs are affordable and reasonable. In this respect, Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries in dental aesthetic practices as well as in other aesthetic operations.

You can contact us to find out about our dental aesthetics treatments and make an appointment.