Dental crowns are artificial restorations made from various materials that are used to treat visible teeth disfigurement. This treatment, which is used very often today, is preferred for both protecting and improving teeth and also for achieving an aesthetic appearance.


Dental Crowns

New developments in the field of aesthetics also stand out in dentistry practices. However, dental crowns, where aesthetic meet with functionality, are provided together, are one of the most preferred treatments among aesthetic dentistry treatments.

Dental crowns usually cover all surfaces of the tooth. This treatment is needed to cover and strengthen the damaged teeth. It is also used to remove discolouration, disfigurement, and incompatibility with adjacent teeth. These restorations are mostly done after root canal treatment as they tend to make the teeth more fragile.

On Which Areas Can Dental Crowns Be Performed

  • Excessive tooth loss or decay

  • Teeth that have become discoloured and cannot be turned back

  • Deformed teeth

  • To prevent breakage in teeth after root canal treatment

  • Restoration of teeth with implant application

  • To repair fractures in teeth

  • Tooth wear as a result of grinding or clenching, malnutrition or acid erosion

How are Dental Crowns Done? 

The restoration process is a multi-step process that begins with the examination of teeth and taking X-rays. Before the crown is made, the dentist will examine it to determine which type of crown is suitable for the patient. If there is a risk of tooth decay, damage to the pulp of the tooth or infection, root canal treatment should be done first. The outer part of the tooth's top section and all sides are removed to create enough room for the crown to be placed. After that, teeth are measured and temporary crowns are placed. In the second session, the temporary crown will be removed and the prepared crown will be adjusted to properly fit the tooth.

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Advantages of Dental Crowns

Missing teeth cause decay of the tooth structure in the mouth over time. Therefore, gum problems in adjacent teeth, bone losses due to movement of teeth into the cavity, deterioration in dental aesthetics and changes in chewing strength and as a result tooth losses occur. Other problems that arise when teeth are not replaced with dentures are digestive disorders due to lack of chewing. Depending on the location of the lost tooth, the person may also have a speech impairment and aesthetic problems. In addition to functional disorders, these factors lead to a decreased sense of self-confidence in people.

With dental crowns treatment, it is aimed to restore the function of the tooth, correct the speech and make the aesthetic image better. While this treatment is to correct lost oral health, also psychological support is provided to people who have to live with missing or damaged teeth in the community. In addition, with dental crowns tooth fractures and abrasions due to various factors are also treated and a more aesthetic appearance is revealed.

Results of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used throughout life. The most important thing to do for the crown to serve you for a longer life is to maintain your oral health in the best way. Crowns need care like natural teeth. They can remain in the mouth for many years, depending on the location of the mouth and the condition of oral care.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

With the latest technology and superior service quality, Turkey welcomes a large number of health tourists every year for dental crowns treatment. Combining the latest techniques with high-quality materials in dental crowns and other aesthetic dentistry practices, Turkey offers much more affordable prices compared to other countries. For this reason, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for reliable and affordable dental crowns.

Dental Crowns in Luviacure

As Luviacure, we help you achieve an aesthetic smile and natural and healthy teeth with dental crowns treatment performed by our skilled and experienced dentists. We use the highest quality materials for dental crowns in our centre, which offers patient-oriented and quality services at affordable prices for health tourism options such as airport transfer, accommodation, English speaking assistant. With our aftercare service, we follow the treatment process with you, as well as providing additional treatments you need with our London clinics.

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