The implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw bone and made of appropriate material to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth.


Implant Treatment

Fixed or movable dentures made on these artificial roots, which can be used for a lifelong with implant treatment, fulfill the patient's chewing function and aesthetic. Dental implants are biologically compatible with the body thanks to their titanium composition and they mimic the root of the tooth, resulting in healthier, more comfortable and more successful results.

How Implant Treatment is Performed?

Implant treatment is generally performed in two stages. In the first stage, a surgical procedure is performed for the placement of the implants. In the second appointment, the restoration of the teeth applied implant is done.

With the new techniques used in dentistry in line with the developing technology, implant treatments in Turkey can be completed in a short time and comfortably today. Depending on the patient's dental and bone structure, treatment is usually completed in the second month after the first operation. During this time, the patient can return to his daily life with temporary dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Since implant treatment does not require cutting of adjacent teeth, intact teeth are maintained. In cases where there is more than one tooth loss, dental implants are a very effective treatment because fixed dentures are preferred instead of moving dentures or because they provide a very strong foundation for moving dentures. On the other hand, when the implant is placed in the toothless area, the bone will regain function so that osteoporosis is prevented. In addition, because the desired natural and aesthetic appearance is provided with implant treatment in Luviacure, people gain back their self-confidence.

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Implant Treatment in Turkey

Dental implants are among the most preferred cosmetic dentistry practices by patients experiencing tooth loss. In Turkey, dental implant treatments are performed by qualified and experienced surgeons in JCI-accredited hospitals in accordance with and the latest techniques. Turkey, which makes a difference with the quality of service in international standards, has been one of the most preferred countries in implant treatments with its price advantage.

Natural and Healthy Teeth with Luviacure

Luviacure performs reliable implant treatments in Turkey with its distinguished and experienced surgeons who are recognized worldwide and its innovative technology and achievements that offer qualified solutions. Our institution that offers the best quality service together with the best price options in order to ensure patient satisfaction makes your treatment process comfortable with airport transfer, accommodation, and English speaking assistant support services. In addition, through our aftercare service, in the recovery process, we often check on our patients and give the main instructions that they need.

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