Dental veneers that one of the practices of dental aesthetics through with the developing technology, offer effective solutions to the colour, shape and structural disorders of teeth.


Dental Veneers

One of the most important structures that affect people's appearance, teeth are also of great importance in terms of socializing and communicating with other people. Therefore, the structural and visual problems that occur in the teeth can cause loss of self-confidence in people.

Dental veneers that one of the practices of dental aesthetics through with the developing technology, offer effective solutions to the colour, shape and structural disorders of teeth. With this method, the poor appearance in the front area of the teeth is corrected and an aesthetic image is created. In addition, by veneers staining, distortions, the proportioning of disproportionate teeth and correction operations can be done. Luviacure Istanbul helps you get rid of colour, shape or position defects in your teeth and have a healthier and more beautiful smile thanks to its laminated veneer treatment performed by expert and skilled dentists.

What is Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers, usually used in front teeth, are plates designed in a very thin structure in order to give more aesthetic to the appearance of teeth. These plates, which are strengthened by their physical structure, provide a natural dental appearance by allowing light to pass into the tooth while showing resistance to breakage. Dental veneers, which have similar features with the tooth structure, are one of the most advanced dental aesthetic treatments that can be used in order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the tooth, with both aesthetic and structural features.

How is Dental Veneers Done?

Dental veneers are a comfortable and fast treatment applied with requiring little or no preparation on the tooth. In dental veneer procedure, the teeth are cleaned before the treatment so that the surface of the teeth is ready for application and then the teeth are measured. The teeth are then placed on the surface of the tooth by the physician using a special adhesive material. All these processes are performed in two or three sessions according to the patient's dental structure and needs.

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Advantages of Dental Veneers

Since dental veneers are very thin, it is transparent like enamel in natural tooth tissue. The light passes through the tooth tissue, reaching the dentin tissue. Dental veneers provide a bright appearance like natural teeth. Due to the good colour permeability, very excellent results are obtained from an aesthetic point of view. So, it is one of the most commonly used restorative dentistry treatments. In addition, veneers that are produced the desired colour and form by using very precise techniques, meet very well with the place where the teeth and gums.

When is Dental Veneers Preferred?

Porcelain laminates are the most aesthetic solution that is applied to close the spaces between the teeth called diastema. Especially to people who are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth, dental veneers can be preferred if the desired results cannot be obtained from the teeth whitening process. In addition, those who have broken or worn teeth may prefer this method of peace of mind for tooth restoration. On the other hand, for patients who do not prefer orthodontic treatment, dental veneers are an alternative treatment to gain aesthetic appearance in a conservative way.


Expected Results of Dental Veneers

The duration of use of veneers varies according to the person's dental structure and dental care. However, veneers, which are highly resistant to wear and breakage, offer long-lasting use in line with regular and accurate oral care and regular doctor checks.

Dental Veneers in Luviacure Turkey

Each year, many patients prefer dental veneers in Turkey to get more white and healthy teeth. Dental veneers treatments in Turkey are performed by expert and skilled dentists with techniques appropriate to the latest technology in the field. Offering quality of service in accordance with world standards, Turkey is among one of the most popular countries in dental veneer treatment, with an affordable price advantage compared to other countries.

Luviacure offers reliable dental veneers treatment with professional and experienced dentists. Combining high quality with an affordable price advantage, our centre promises high-level patient satisfaction with airport transfer, accommodation, English speaking assistant services. Luviacure that follow to patients after the treatment process with aftercare service and care clinics in London, allows you to reach the beautiful teeth you dream of with dental veneers and other aesthetic dental treatments

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