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Ambassador/Influencer Program

One of the most significant powers of modern marketing is brand ambassadors. Ambassadors help the company's main motives reach to masses while creating brand awareness and boosting the company's reputation by presenting its cultures to the public. In temporary cooperations or long-term programs that are organised for a certain period of time, the negotiation process continues in proportion to the work and effort put forward by the ambassador.

Luviacure is getting ready to share its brand competence with ambassadors. Aware of the importance of branding in medical tourism, Luviacure wants to work with ambassadors that share the common sense.  Ambassadors going to work with Luviacure are also expected to share this common perspective. People who can bring patients from abroad by recommending Luviacure along with the ones who give accurate information and advertising about Luviacure, and have this type of social environment are privileged as ambassadors.

To become an ambassador, you need to fill in the brand ambassador application form. All information given is collected to be investigated after the completion of the form. If you become an ambassador, 30% of the profit is yours per patient you bring to Luviacure. Ambassador performances are measured separately by time, and the best performers, later on, get the advantage of working at the company and getting high amounts of salaries and have many other opportunities.

When you agree to become an Ambassador, you need to mention Luviacure as a post or story on your social media accounts (we prefer business accounts) at least 2 times a month.

At least 2 (two) times a month, you should report the feedbacks from all your connections and we should talk about improving our business strategies.

“Top Ambassadors will be rewarded” not also with money but also with presents from us.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Influencer Form

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