Dermal filling allows the correction of the facial deformity without resorting to a surgical procedure but only by injection and restores the volume and fullness of the face. So, it is one of the most preferred practices among non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.


Why Dermal Filling?

Dermal filling is the process of filling the areas that have wrinkles and volume loss on face with the injection technique. This treatment helps to restore the face volume lost due to age or other factors and reducing the lines and wrinkles on the skin. It also increases the elasticity of the face and gives the skin a younger and healthier appearance.

In dermal filling operation, the relevant areas are numbed with local or topical anesthesia. Then, the filler material is injected into the target areas with fine-tipped needles.

The issues to be considered in dermal filling treatments are the use of quality and reliable filling materials, the expertise of the doctor who will perform the treatment and the provision of hygienic application conditions. At Luviacure, the most reliable dermal filling practices are carried out in modern and equipped hospitals with our expert staff and the highest quality materials.

In What Areas Can Dermal Fillers Be Used?

Facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a safe method that can be applied quickly and gives natural results. Dermal filling that can be applied to many parts of the face is performed especially in the temple, cheekbone, around the nose and mouth area where the effects of mimics are concentrated. Dermal filling is also applied for clarification and plumping of lips in line with aesthetic expectations, apart from correcting wrinkle lines, volume and shape losses of the face and taking back the effects of time.

Dermal filling is often combined with Botox and PRP facial methods to achieve more effective results.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances in the form of gel injected under the skin to improve the appearance of the skin. In this treatment, permanent synthetic and temporary filling materials can be used, as well as the process can be performed with fat and tissue injection. On the other hand, in the dermal filling, there is often used hyaluronic acid that is often found in some fluids and tissues in the body and the most suitable and reliable option to fill the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient that provides fullness and volume to the skin.

Expected Results after Dermal Filling

After dermal filling, significant improvement is observed in the facial lines, along with partial or complete improvement of deep lines and wrinkles. The effect of the dermal filling occurs immediately after the procedure. According to the selected filling material and the structural characteristics and lifestyle habits of the patient, results last take 6 – 18 months on average.

Dermal Filling in Turkey

In Turkey which welcomes a large number of health tourists every year with its superior service quality and specialist physicians and surgeons in the field of health and aesthetics, dermal filling practices are applied in the highest quality materials and fully equipped hospitals. While Turkey stands out with its quality and reliable applications in the field of Health, is among the countries in terms of non-surgical dermal filling with its price advantage.

Dermal Filling at Luviacure

At Luviacure, we guarantee the best results by combining the most innovative techniques with personalized effective treatment options. We provide you with a younger and healthier skin appearance with dermal fillings performed by our experienced and specialist doctors and surgeons in JCI-accredited hospitals. In addition, we offer consultation, accommodation, transfer and English speaking assistant services to make your treatment process more comfortable and we continue to control your recovery with our aftercare service.

Contact our specialist patient consultants to regain our youthful and healthy skin appearance and learn about our special services for you.