Rhinoplasty, one of the most common aesthetic operations, not only gives people the chance of a natural nose appearance but also prevents the loss of self-confidence experienced by people.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure performed to correct and improve the shape and function of the nose. In this respect, rhinoplasty offers solutions for both aesthetic concerns and health problems. This operation gives the facial harmony and symmetry, while at the same time eliminating deformations that make breathing difficult.

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic operation that takes about 2 hours under general anesthesia. Nose surgery is performed with two techniques, closed and open. Both techniques have their own unique advantages. The basic difference between the two techniques is the incision made under the nose. The operation performed by making an incision under the nose is called an open rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which incisions are made from the inside of the nose.

In both nose aesthetic surgeries, the incision is made, but the location of the incision is different. Depending on this, the location of the existing suture mark also changes. This is why closed rhinoplasty is more commonly known as scar-free nose surgery.

With the development of technology today, rhinoplasty operations can be performed with much more successful results and the recovery process is much more comfortable.

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The Center of Rhinoplasty: Turkey

In Turkey, aesthetic and medical operations are carried out with qualified and experienced surgeons and medical teams and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, the cost of rhinoplasty in our country, including accommodation costs is more advantageous than many countries in the world and the transfer is free. So, Turkey has become the center of nose aesthetics today because of the fact that it is a country that closely follows the biggest developments related to rhinoplasty.

In Luviacure İstanbul, with our modern hospitals equipped with international standards and our expert health staff, you can get the best and healthy nose appearance that you want. We aim to provide the most effective solutions to our patients with the services we offer in line with the latest technologies. We work by considering every detail about your health and beauty before, during and after the operation, informing and directing you at every stage. We also continue to offer consultation and after-care services to control and support your post-operation comfort and safety at our UK headquarters or through online channels.

We know very well the value of your trust in us, the vital sensitivity of the subject, and we share the same sensitivity. You can contact us at any time for any details you are interested in!



Your treatment will take seven days in total. You will be monitored closely during this time.

Day 1: Arrival in Turkey

When you land in Turkey, someone will greet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel that has been arranged and booked for you. You should take this day to rest before your first visit to the hospital the following day.

Day 2: Visit to Hospital

You will be taken to the hospital for some tests, detailed consultation and physical examination of your face and nasal area. The doctor will plan your treatment with you, you should make sure to share every detail with your doctor. Some problems might not seem important to you, but it might affect if your eligibility for the operation. Following this consultation, you will be sent to your hotel to rest for the operation the next day.

Day 3: Operation Day

On the third day, you will be prepared for surgery after the doctor evaluate the results of your tests. The admission procedures will be completed, and you will be prepared for the surgery. Your surgery will normally take between two and three hours depending on your treatment. Several operations can be performed at the same time. If the only demand of the patient is nose tip shaping, the operation time is significantly shorter.

The operation will be painless as you will be under general anaesthesia throughout the entire surgery. Your Health Specialist will help you to settle into your room and will inform you about everything that you need to do. You can try to stand up and start to eat four hours after the operation. You will need to stay in the hospital for one night under the supervision of medical staff.

Day 4: Back to The Hotel

The following day, you will be discharged if your health condition is stable. You will be driven back to your hotel, where you will continue your healing process. During the days recovering in the hotel, you should try to sit or stand up rather than lie down.

Day 5: Rest in Your Hotel

On the fifth day, you should rest in the hotel. You can watch TV and spend some time using screens but be careful that you do not tire your eyes. Also, if you feel well enough, there is no harm in going for a brief walk — you should still avoid strenuous physical activity.

Day 6: Post Operation Check Ups

You will be brought to the hospital for post-operation examinations and check-ups. The tampon in your nose will be removed this day. You should not have any pain other than a mild discomfort sensation.

Day 7: Back to Your Country         

You will be collected a few hours before your flight from the hotel and driven to the airport. Your Health Specialist will accompany you for this, ensuring that every stage of the process runs smoothly.

One week following the surgery, you can return to work providing your job isn’t physically demanding.


Do not forget that the rhinoplasty recovery process is unique for each patient. You can go out in public in first week without showing noticeable signs of surgery other than potentially minor bruising around the eyes. And after one week, you can continue your social life again, being able to fly back home.