PRP Facial

With the PRP Facial treatment performed in Luviacure by the highly skilled medical team and reliable techniques, you can regain your desired young, tight and smooth skin appearance.


PRP Facial

PRP facial, one of the most preferred non-surgical methods for those who want to have young, healthy and beautiful skin, is extremely effective for taking precautions against the signs of skin rejuvenation and ageing. In general, it is an anti-ageing treatment that aims to create a "youthful effect" on the skin using people's own cells. Therefore, it is possible to remove fine lines, wrinkles, scars and sagging on the face with PRP facial treatment..

PRP Facial Treatment Process

PRP is the shortened name of the treatment method called "Platelet Rich Plasma". It uses the rejuvenating power of the body's own platelet-rich plasma to remove facial wrinkles, fine lines and skin laxity. Before treatment, blood is taken from the patient and processed by the centrifuge method and platelet-rich plasma cells are separated from the rest of the blood. These platelet-rich plasma components are isolated and injected into the patient's face by micro-needling technology.

The platelets in PRP support growth hormones. In this way, the skin tissue begins to repair itself and from the first sessions, the dry and dull appearance on the skin is improved. Then a reduction in wrinkles and an increase in skin elasticity is observed. At the same time, PRP slows down the ageing process, thus showing a ‘youth vaccine’ effect. It is, therefore, a method that every adult who wants to slow down the ageing process without waiting for signs of ageing can appear.

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After PRP Facial

PRP treatment is a painless procedure that can be applied in a short time. After treatment, minimal short-term redness, bruising and swelling can occur at the needle entry points. These effects disappear completely within one or two days. Since PRP is obtained from the person's own blood, there is no allergic reaction or skin sensitivity during or after the application.

The PRP facial process initiates the skin's self-renewal mechanism. So, it is wrong to expect a clear result immediately after treatment. After treatment, rejuvenation effects such as tightening, lightening and reduction in stains begin. However, the clearest results usually occur after 3 sessions of treatment.

PRP Facial in Turkey

Turkey that has achieved great success in aesthetic surgeries with its professionals and talented medical staff and fully equipped hospitals have also shown significant improvements in non-surgical medical aesthetic applications in recent years. Accordingly, Turkey, which provides services to a large number of health tourists every year for PRP facial treatment, is also one of the most preferred countries with an affordable price advantage.

Facial Rejuvenation with PRP Facial in Luviacure

Luviacure provides reliable PRP treatments with reputable and qualified surgeons and specialist medical staff to help you achieve a youthful and healthy appearance. Our institution that makes a difference with its first-class service quality and experience carries out its treatments in fully equipped JCI-accredited hospitals. In addition to our most effective treatment solutions, we provide you with a comfortable operation process with consultation, transfer, accommodation and English speaking assistant services. In addition, we continue to be with you in the control process for a period of one year with our aftercare service, which we offer after your PRP treatment.

You can contact us at any time to get information and consultancy on the PRP Facial procedure.