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Luviacure Hair Transplant Available Now In London


About Us

Luviacure is a trademarked, UK based medical tourism company that is also registered and trademarked in Turkey. We facilitate medical procedures in Turkey for hair transplants, plastic surgery, aesthetic dentistry, eye surgery and non-surgical procedures.


We have been awarded the International Health Tourism Certificate from the Turkish Ministery of Health. This endorses our official status as a reliable and a professional company providing these medical procedures.


We provide transfers, accommodation at five-star chain hotels and English speaking assistance along with your medical procedure and UK based aftercare at affordable prices.

What do we provide?

UK Based Company

Our head office is located in London, we are always here to provide consultations and aftercare to our patients.

No waitlist

Luviacure has no queues or waiting lists for medical treatments, unlike in the UK or EU. You will be able to have your procedure only one week after you speak with us, or you can choose a later date that suits you.

Price-Quality Balance

We offer exceptional quality and exceptional price.

Your procedure will be performed by our doctors, who have performed over 5000 surgeries and are very experienced and highly regarded. You will also benefit from our other services such as transfers, accommodation at 5* hotels, and free hosting services.

Our Promise

As Luviacure we always put the patients first. During your whole journey including your phone calls to the end of your trip in Turkey, we will be in contact to provide you the best service in terms of effectiveness and problem solving.

Affordable Prices

Our procedures are affordable because of the beneficial exchange rate from British Pounds to Turkish Lira. Living costs are lower in Turkey, so our hospital fees are less expensive than in the UK.

Top Class Surgeons

Luviacure hires only Top-Class Surgeons in Turkey who are profoundly experienced and competent in their field to reduce the risk of medical-surgical complications highly

Our Services