The breasts, which are seen as a symbol of femininity and attractiveness, are very important for women.


The breasts, which are seen as a symbol of femininity and attractiveness, are very important for women. Therefore, the shape and size of the breasts have a huge impact on women's self-confidence, psychological status and appearance.

Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure to increase the size, shape and fullness of the breasts, usually in women who think their breasts are small or have a breast development disorder, or after breast cancer treatment. After this surgery, aesthetic concerns about the size and appearance of the breast are removed and patients regain their self-confidence.

How Is Breast Enlargement Performed?

Breast enlargement is performed with saline or silicone implants. Saline implants are a sterile salt solution that is filled into a silicone balloon. In the silicone implant, the inside of the implant balloon is filled with sticky, durable and more reliable silicone gel.

Before breast enlargement surgery, the necessary tests are done to determine whether the patient has a condition that prevents the surgery and whether the patient has a blood-borne disease. After the examination of our anaesthesiologist, if the decision is made for the patient to be suitable for the surgery, the preparations for the surgery are started.

Breast implants used in surgery can be of different types, sizes and shapes. In Luviacure, choices such as prosthetic length, size, fullness, outer shell type are made with our patients through their expectations and demands. The preferred medical material in breast enlargement operations of our patients is the material produced with the latest technology. The implants used do not explode in any way and the gel inside does not flow out. Existing silicones can stay in your body for life unless our patient wants to replace them with a new one.


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Methods Used In Breast Enlargement Surgery

In breast enlargement surgery three types of methods are used:

Under-Breast Method

If the breast tissue is sufficient, an incision is made under the breast and implants are placed behind the breast tissue through the breast groove. If the breast tissue is not sufficient, it is placed behind the chest muscle. In this method, recovery is quick and the patient does not see any scars left while standing.

Nipple Method

In the nipple method, incisions are made around the nipple of the breast and the implants are placed under breast tissue or muscle. After this procedure, a milky brown shade may be left on the incision areas.

Armpit Method

In the armpit method, incisions are made from both armpits and implants are placed in the appropriate areas. However, it is likely that there will be slight scars on both sides after this method. These marks may be evident on wearing sleeveless clothing.

The Healing Process After Breast Enlargement

Since medical techniques and surgery are very advanced in Turkey and we are following all the innovations as an institution, the risks of leaking into tissue and bleeding after surgery are almost nonexistent. In addition, special materials that are used provide to melt the suture in the patient's body by itself, so it is not necessary to remove the suture. Five days after the operation, the last control of the patient is performed. In the meantime, the edema in the breast will be completely removed. After six months, the silicone implants are fully entrenched and take their form.

Best Breast Appearance with Plastic Surgery in Luviacure

Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by women. As with all other aesthetic operations, Luviacure Istanbul has the ability to provide quality services also for breast enlargement surgery in accordance with international standards and carries out its operations in JCI-accredited hospitals that have the highest level in terms of technology and infrastructure.

Our institution is acting in line with a patient-oriented approach. Our priority in this respect is to meet the health and satisfaction of our patients at the highest level. Luviacure performs highly successful operations in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey with the best surgeons each one is experienced in their field and superior quality of service. With the aftercare service provided after surgery, our patients are monitored closely and checked by us for one year to see if they have any problems. When they have problems, we meet their needs with aftercare centers in London.

It has always been our priority to understand the personal demands and necessities of our patients by considering their health first and to perform them in the most correct way. At this point, besides the aesthetic and medical treatments we offer from an operational point of view, we aim to provide comfort to our patients through the whole process through our health tourism practices such as accommodation, airport transfer and English speaking assistant support.

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most developed countries in the world in the field of medicine. Both the success in the field of medicine and the fact that the prices are quite affordable have made Turkey one of the most preferred countries in aesthetic operations. In addition, considering the quality of the health services provided, it is not surprising that many people prefer Turkey for aesthetic solutions.

Transfer, accommodation and surgery fees in Turkey are almost half as affordable compared to the UK. The cost of breast enlargement operations in the UK and other European countries is between 3750£ and 7500£ for only the operation. The total cost increases by more than 500£-1000£ when consultancy and aftercare service costs are included in these prices. In Turkey, breast enlargement operations start at 2200£ and these prices include accommodation, transfers, patient host and many more features.

You can contact us immediately for getting information and consultation on breast enlargement and other aesthetic operations.