One of the most important organs in terms of women's physical appearance, the breasts play a significant role in terms of self-confidence.


In this respect, breast loss negatively affects patients physically, socially and spiritually. Breast reconstruction is a surgery that involves surgical procedures to reconstruct the breast in the event that a part of the entire breast is removed for cancer or other reason.

Breast reconstruction surgery provides important contributions both physically and psychologically in terms of normalizing women's lives after breast loss. Breast reconstruction performed after breast loss improves patients ' physical appearance while at the same time improving their quality of life by helping them to become better spiritually and physically. For this reason, breast repair is not a cosmetic procedure, but rather a reconstruction (repair) surgery. With developing techniques it is possible to make reconstructions that are very similar to the other breast. This surgery can be performed in the same session following the removal of the breast tissue, as well as in a few sessions.

Who Are Suitable for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can be performed to every woman who has breast loss due to breast cancer or other factors and has a general health condition that can tolerate surgery. However, in patients who are obese and have serious conditions such as advanced diabetes and high blood pressure, eligibility for the operation is determined according to the surgeon's assessment.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Before breast reconstruction surgery, the patient is evaluated by a team of experts from areas such as general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, medical and radiation oncology and the operation process is managed by selecting the most appropriate treatment option. Breast repair operations are performed under general anaesthesia and take 2 to 5 hours according to the patient's condition and operation technique.

Breast reconstruction can be done in two ways with breast implants or with parts obtained from the patient's own tissue (autogenous tissue). Thanks to new technologies in medicine, the breast tissue created in reconstruction surgeries are very similar to the natural breast.

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Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expansion and Implants

In this method which is the most commonly performed breast reconstruction option, breast tissue is created by using implants (breast prosthesis) with silicone gel or saline in them. In these surgeries, usually, a tissue expander is applied in the first session and the implant is placed in the second session. Extending the tissue may take 2-3 months after the operation and by the end of this time, the new breast tissue will reach its true size. This time is the time it takes for the tissue to expand. In patients who have enough tissue remaining after mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be done in a shorter time with only breast implants without the need to expand the skin. In addition, in line with the new techniques used today, breast implants that can both expand tissue and replace prosthetics can be completed with a single session.

Autologous or Flap Reconstruction

In breast reconstruction surgery that performed using the patient's own tissues, the appearance of the breast is provided by tissues taken from areas such as the abdomen, back or buttocks. This technique and is often used in late-term breast reconstruction and breast implants are not used. Because breast reconstruction is performed with the patient's own tissues, it is provided satisfactory results both aesthetic and naturalness in the breast appearance.

Risks after Breast Reconstruction

The risks of bleeding, oedema/fluid collection or anaesthesia problems that can be observed after all surgical operations are can occur also after breast reconstruction surgery. However, these risks are eliminated in line with the correct planning and treatments for the operation and a healthy treatment process is carried out.

Breast reconstruction does not have an effect on the recurrence of cancer. It also does not create a condition that prevents radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Recovery Process after Breast Reconstruction

The recovery process after breast reconstruction surgery varies according to the treatment. After the patients stay in the hospital for two nights after surgery, the bandages are removed and the patient is discharged on the third day. The duration of the patients ' return to their social life or work varies between 5 days and 1 month depending on the surgery technique. While the time can be extended up to a month for the repairs made by flap reconstruction, the healing process is much faster in the operations performed only with implants.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Turkey

The advanced health sector in Turkey also shows itself in aesthetic operations. With its high standards of service quality and the latest techniques used, Turkey is among one of the most preferred countries by patients in aesthetic operations. In addition to the quality of the health services offered, turkey stands out with its various services within the scope of health tourism and offers the most reliable and appropriate breast reconstruction surgeries thanks to its accessible price advantage.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Luviacure

Breast reconstruction surgery, which provides natural-looking breast tissue for patients experiencing breast loss, provides support for women's physical appearance and also helps improve their mental health. As Luviacure, we perform reliable breast reconstruction surgery in Turkey in fully equipped JCI accredited hospitals accompanied by our qualified plastic surgeons.

Our institution that acting on the principle of patient focus combines quality service with comfort. Offering the most effective treatment solutions, our institution offers airport transfers, accommodation and English speaking assistant services for you to experience a comfortable and safe treatment experience. We also follow up your recovery process with you for 1 year after the operation and if you encounter any problems we perform your treatments with our aftercare clinics in London. So, you are in good hands from the moment you landed in Turkey in our centre which is with you at all times during and after the operation process.

You can contact us for getting information and consultation on breast repair and other breast surgery operations.