Bum Lift

Beauty in the human body is a whole, and having smooth and rounded lines has become crucial to have an aesthetic appearance. In this respect, butt is one of the most important parts that affect the appearance of the body In line with this need, bum lift surgery at Luviacure is performed by the best expert plastic surgeons within affordable prices.


Who Can Have Bum Lift Surgery?

Although bum lift surgery is generally preferred by women, it can also be applied to men. The reasons for choosing bum lift are usually structural deformities, sagging after weight loss, or deformities due to weight gain, such as walking disorders. So, it is usually an operation that can be performed for people who have a butt shape that distorts the body rate and are uncomfortable with it.

How is Bum Lift Done?

In bum lift operations, different treatment procedures are applied according to the patient's body structure and needs. These procedures are silicone implants, fat transfer, excisional procedures and liposuction. In traditional bum lift operations, silicone implants are used to shape the butt. If the patient does not have enough fat to be used for the operation, butt shaping is performed with silicone implants. The implants are placed inside by opening minimal incisions and are completed so that the suture marks remain on the inside, not visible even when the patient is naked. This gives very good results with a successful operation.

In the Brazilian butt lift operation, which is performed to achieve the desired round and smooth butt appearance, usually, the patient's own fat is used. In this way, a very natural look is given to the buttocks. In this method, it is done by taking fat from certain areas and applying them to the butt. This is also called the liposuction technique. The fat is injected into the butt and plumped and shaped.

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Recovery Process after Bum Lift

After an average of 2-3 hours of surgery, it is usually preferable to be hospitalized for one day, but it depends on the person. Recovery time varies between 2 and 10 days. If there is only fat injection was applied, there is a possibility that some of the oils may melt and this may affect the fullness. However, this risk is minimized in Luviacure thanks to the operations performed in the most accurate way by our expert physicians who have proven and trained themselves in the best way in their field.

Bum Lift Cost in Turkey

Turkey has been one of the most popular countries for patients coming from abroad thanks to affordable butt lift and other plastic surgery operations. In the UK and Europe, bum lift fees range between £5000 and £9,000, while in Turkey the cost of bum lift starts at £2500 including transfers and accommodation. As well as competitive prices Turkey that hosts many medical tourists each year with its superior service quality and health tourism practices provides the best and most reliable treatments by dedicated and experienced surgeons.

Bum Lift in Luviacure

Luviacure is a UK-based company that focused entirely on the comfort and satisfaction of its patient and performs its treatments with internationally renowned experienced and recognizable plastic surgeons. We perform our bum lift and other aesthetic surgeries in JCI-accredited hospitals representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We provide consultation, airport transfer, accommodation and English speaking assistant for you to feel comfortable during your stay and enjoy your experience with us. Even after the operation, we control our patients regularly as follow-up aftercare to seek out if they're satisfied and provide additional treatments at our clinics based in London if they require further assistance.

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Day 1: Arrival in Turkey

When you land in Turkey, someone will greet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel that has been arranged and booked for you. Depending on the arrival time of your flight, you might have the option to be taken to the hospital the same day for your first consultation with doctor face to face. This is an option; you can choose to spend the rest of the day at the hotel when you first arrive.


Day 2: Operation Day

When you first visit the hospital, you will be introduced to your doctor, where he will ask you some preliminary questions and carry out some tests. According to the results, he will evaluate your medical condition then make you a personalised treatment plan. Once the doctor has determined your treatment plan, he will share the details with you allowing you to discuss it with him including your desires, operation’s benefits, risks, recovery times, typical results, complications. Following this discussion, the doctor will begin the procedure. Bum lift surgery typically lasts between one and two hours. You will need to stay in the hospital for the first day after the operation.


Day 3: Back to Your Hotel

You will be discharged from the hospital during the day and taken back to your hotel to rest post-operation. Your Patient Specialist will help you to from your vehicle and ensure you settle back in the hotel safely. You will then have some space to begin your healing process in the private space of your room. Healing from this surgery is a slow and gradual process. After bum lift operation, you can’t lie down or sit directly on your buttocks for almost two weeks. This means you will need to sleep on your right or left side or stomach, and you will need to stand or kneel for most kind of activities that would involve sitting.


Day 4: Resting in Your Hotel

On the fourth day, you need to stay in the hotel and have some rest. You should follow the instructions that the doctor suggested for you to get the optimal results from your surgery. If you experience bruising, swelling or numbness don’t hesitate to contact your Patient Specialist 24/7 and they will be happy to help.


Day 5: Back to Your Country

You will be taken to the airport to return home by VIP vehicle. After you arrive home, your recovery process will be followed here. When you arrive back, you can always contact with your Patient Specialist whenever you have a problem, question or concern. Full recovery generally takes between one to three months.