Face Lift

Face lift surgery is the surgery that creates the biggest change in all aesthetic operations. If you look in the mirror and you see yourself older than you feel, face lift surgery will be the right option for you.


In Luviacure, face lift operations are performed professionally by our competent and dedicated surgeons and our patients are provided an average of ten years of rejuvenation.

Over time, elasticity and volume decrease on skin tissue and certain points in the face due to the factors such as the sun, gravity and aging. Sagging, loosening and deep wrinkles on the skin that occur in this direction affect people negatively from a physical and psychological point of view.

What Is A Face Lift?

Face lift surgery are performed to correct deformations and disorders of the face and to remove volume losses, especially in the mid-face area, by using fat fillings. In this way, a firmer, vibrant and youthful appearance of the skin is targeted. With this surgery wrinkles and sagging of the forehead, cheeks and mid-face Region, low brows, correction of maxillofacial and stretching of the neck are performed together.

Who Is Suitable For Face Lift?

A face lift is usually applied to patients over 50 years old who complain of excess in the lower parts of the face and neck and drooping, but it can be done to anyone who is looking for a more permanent solution to the aging affects.

How Is A Face Lift Done?

The aim of face lift surgery is to provide a natural, vibrant and younger look to the face. In this respect, the tissues are shaped in three dimensions in order to maintain the overall symmetry and structure of the face during the operation. By making an incision in the skin, the mimic muscles, connective tissue and the loosening tissues of the skin downwards are reached. Then, the sagging mimic muscles and the connective tissues that pull up the face are moved to the places where on the face should be.

The pitting and wrinkles that occur in the custody, the jawline that deteriorates due to the tissues that hang down from the cheeks to the chin, the fat in the neck and the sagging are the target areas of face lift surgery. Several different techniques are applied in face lift operations. In some patients, eyebrow lift, eyelid, chin aesthetic and neck aesthetic can also be added to face lift surgery.

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Full Face Lift

In patients with a lot of skin wrinkles and sagging, full face lift techniques are preferred. In this technique, an incision is made starting from sideburn before the ear and then continuing towards the back of the ear. The success of this surgery lies not in the skin, but in the stretching of the deep tissues. No strain should be left on the skin.

Endoscopic Face Lift

Another method of a face lift is the 4mm thick surgical cameras called endoscopes. In this technique, deep tissues are stretched up and identified by means of small incisions made in the scalp. Patients who do not have a lot of sagging on their face, the jawline is not very broken and the skin is less wrinkled are more suitable for an endoscopic face lift.

After Face Lift Surgery

After the operation, the patient remains under supervision in our hospital for one night and is discharged after examination the next day. After two days, the patient can stand up and do their work, and after two weeks, he can return to his work and social life completely. After an average of one month, the net results of the surgery are revealed.

Face Lift in Turkey

With high standards of the JCI-accredited hospitals, and doctors and surgeons each of which are experts in their field and have numerous operating experience enable medical and plastic surgery operations to be carried out successfully in Turkey. In Turkey, which acts with a solution-oriented approach in aesthetic applications, face lift surgeries are carried out with the latest techniques in line with current technological developments.

Turkey stands out with its strong health staff, technology and quality of service institutions, as well as its price advantage. Operation fees in Turkey, including transport, transfer and accommodation services are much more appropriate than in other European countries. In this respect, Luviacure offers the most appropriate face lift operations in Turkey.

Face Lift in Luviacure

Luviacure provides services in fully equipped hospitals with JCI-accredited certificates and performs its operations in a comfortable and hygienic environment for its patients. In our institution, which acts with a patient-oriented service approach, our primary priority is the satisfaction of our patients. Accordingly, we offer our patients airport transfer, accommodation, free English speaking assistant support from the moment they arrive in Turkey. We also control the healing process of our patients and listen to their complaints through the post-operation aftercare service.

You can call us to get information and consultation on the face lift surgery, or contact our patient consultants through our online communication channels.

Frequently asked questions

What is the right age for a face lift?

These surgeries are performed between the ages of 30-85. At this point, the degree of aging in the face matters.

How long does the surgery take?

Face lift surgery can vary between two hours and six hours depending on the procedure to be performed.

Will there be any scars after surgery?

Since the incisions made in surgery are generally on the scalp, the scars after surgery are vague and minimal.

Is there any pain after a face lift?

As with every surgical procedure, mild pain is felt for one or two days. However, this pain can be passed easily with the medication given after surgery.

Do the results of face lift surgery permanent?

The operation will not stop aging, sagging and wrinkling forever. It provides a rejuvenation effect of approximately ten to fifteen years.


Procedure Overview

Procedure Overview

Correction of facial deformations and disorders and removal of volume losses especially in mid-face region by using oil fillings

Duration of Surgery

2-6 Hours

Side Effects of Surgery

Temporary loss of sensation in certain areas of the face, bruising or adverse reactions to the anesthetic medication used

Recovery / Return to Work

Full recovery: 3-6 months Return to work: A week after surgery

Final Results

The final results of the surgery generally last 10 years depending on the lifestyle of the patients. Bad lifestyle habits affect the results of face lift in a negative way.

Types of Anesthesia Used

General or local anesthesia

Surgery Risks

Temporary pain, infection, swelling