Laser Eye


Laser eye surgery is an operation that aims to eliminate a vision defect by correcting corneal refractive defects such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. As a result of this process, you get rid of your lenses and glasses and you get a more free life.


Laser Eye Surgery

In our center, laser eye operations are implemented in two methods, LASIK and LASEK. In LASIK operation, a thin flap (flap) is removed from the cornea with an automatic instrument (microkeratome). The corneal tissue under the valve is reshaped by laser application. The valve is closed back to the laser-shaped corneal surface and your surgery is complete.

Lasek operation is a method of shaping the cornea after the corneal epithelium is stripped by forming a flap. Flap is also created in this method. However, the Lasek flap is created manually by applying alcohol to the corneal surface epithelium.

In laser eye surgery, the procedure and technique are determined as a result of detailed medical eye examination and tests that will be performed by our specialist physicians. In addition, patients are informed about the operational process and costs in line with the evaluations that are made.

Post-Operative Results

After in laser eye surgeries that are implemented to provide clear vision without glasses in astigmatism, myopic and hypermetropic patients, values below 0.50 are interpreted as successful and the patient does not need to wear glasses.

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Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

Laser eye surgery is a treatment with a high chance of success, but choosing the right center and the right doctor is very important for achieving the best and most effective results. At this point, our center offers a high level of treatment with new laser methods through technological developments and service quality with world-class technological and medical equipment, specialised and experienced physicians and qualified medical staff. Therefore, Luviacure stands out as a reliable eye surgery center in Turkey with lower transportation, hotel costs, treatment price advantage up to 60 percent compared to other countries and health tourism practices that make a difference.

As Luviacure, we offer airport transfer, accommodation and English assistant services in accordance with your request in terms of comfort and satisfaction of our patients within the scope of health tourism. We also offer aftercare services to our patients to check whether they have complications or not after the operation and to listen to their complaints.

If you want to step into a new life by getting rid of your glasses or lenses with our extensive services and experienced healthcare staff, contact us for information on our specific treatment options and services for you.

Frequently asked questions

Who is suitable for laser eye surgery?

People who have turned the age of 18 and have not had any changes in their eye degree in the last year are eligible for these surgeries.

Who is not suitable for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is not suitable for people following: People under the age of 18 People with a structural disorder in the cornea, dry eye syndrome or glaucoma, If the thickness of the cornea is not sufficient for surgery Pregnant and breastfeeding women People with diabetes People with rheumatic disease

What eye defects can be treated with laser eye surgery?

With laser eye surgery, presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be treated.

How long does laser eye surgery take?

The surgery is completed in a total of 10-15 minutes for both eyes.

5. What kind of anesthesia is used for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is often performed under topical anesthesia

Does any pain felt during surgery?

The person does not feel pain during eye laser surgery, but the feeling of touch persists and the patient feels pressure in his/her eye for a short time.

Can laser eye treatment be applied only for one eye?

Yes, it can be applied.

Can I use cosmetic contact lenses after surgery?

Yes, you can use, but it is advised that you should wait 6 weeks to use it.

Is laser eye an inpatient or outpatient surgery?

Laser eye surgery is usually outpatient.

When can I get back to work after surgery?

Depending on the technique, patients can get back work normally within 48 hours for LASIK, up to 7 days for LASEK.

Can I have cataract surgery after laser eye treatment?

Laser eye surgery does not prevent any eye treatment you will have in the future. In this respect, a person undergoing laser treatment may have cataract surgery in the future.


Procedure Overview

Duration of Surgery

In a total 10-15 minutes for both eyes.

Types of Anesthesia Used

The laser eye surgery is performed under topical anesthesia with eye drop

Side Effects

Infection, temporary discomfort on eyes, irritation, dry eyes/teary eyes, temporary sensitivity to light Eye defects can be treated with myopia up to 10 degrees astigmatism up to 6 degrees hypermetropia up to 6 degrees

Who is suitable for

Female patients over 18 years old

Recovery / Return to Work

Return work normally within 48 Hours for LASIK, up to 7 days for LASEK.

Final Results

Post-surgery results last in a lifetime