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If you complain about your body fat that you cannot lose with diet and exercise, liposuction is a great solution to get rid of your excess fat and get a fit body appearance.


In Luviacure, you can have a firmer body and fit appearance with liposuction surgery at affordable prices by dedicated and experienced surgeons and superior quality of service.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that breaks down fat accumulation in diet-exercise-resistant areas of the body and removes it from the body. In other words, liposuction removes excess fat deposits in certain areas of the body and shapes the lines to thinner ones, and reshape certain areas of the body.

The goal of liposuction is not to lose weight, but to provide regional thinning and tightening. It is done to smooth regional disfigurement and body contours. Neck, arm, abdomen, belly, waist, back, hips, legs and knees are often among the areas where liposuction can be performed for body shaping.

How Is Liposuction Done?

Liposuction is an operation that can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The operation can last between 1-3 hours depending on the region and the amount of fat. The fat is taken easily and comfortably without bleeding with very thin cannulas entering from very small incisions. Regional crossings proceed in accordance with the intended contour. Since the amount of fat taken is enough to correct the image, there is no disproportionation in the body image. With the small incisions, the scars after the operation are minimal and temporary.

Techniques Used in Liposuction Surgery


  • Tumescent Liposuction

The fluid is injected into the relevant area prior to surgery; then the cannula (a thin tube) attached to the vacuum machine or the syringe to retrieve the oil is placed in the small cut that is discarded in the relevant area. And by starting the machine, the shredded fats are absorbed and drawn from the relevant region.

  • Ultrasonic Liposuction

In ultrasonic liposuction, the relevant area is marked first and liquid solution is injected here which hardens the skin. The small incision is then inserted into the cannula attached to a metal bar that emits ultrasonic energy (sound waves) under the skin. Thus, the fat cell walls break down and it becomes easier to take the liquefied fat.

  • Laser Liposuction

This method uses laser energy (light waves) at a certain wavelength to soften and remove the fat after the fluid is injected into the area concerned.

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What Do Our Patients Say About Us ?

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Valentin Ghita

It’s been an amazing experience!
I had a rhinoplasty,hair implant and teeth done through Luviacure.
To start I had a phone consultation with Can, he answered all my questions and was very helpful!
Once arrived in Istanbul ,everything was organised down to the last detail... Read More


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Tom Hancock

As I’m sure many people are, I was very skeptical about going to a foreign country for my surgery, however the process was very straight forward and Busra was with me every step of the way, helping with any anxiety you may have pre and post surgery. Everything from the hotels to the transfers were perfect, I can’t fault the way they do things and if you’re thinking of changing your life for the better, choose luviacure.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-16 at 14_edited_edited.jpg

Mohini Dasani

I was truly impressed how organised Luviacure have been from the moment I contacted them regards too my surgery. I was well looked after by my host Bushra in Istanbul who was available at any point during my visit before, whilst there and even on my return into UK. Bushra was very professional, friendly and very supportive throughout and I would definitely be going back again for any other surgery i intend too complete in the future. I would highly recommend Luviacure to anyone as you will not be disappointed and your in safe hands. Thank you Luviacure..🙏🏼😘

After Liposuction Surgery

The recovery and post-operative care after liposuction may vary depending on the area treated and the amount of fat removed. You can usually go back to work in a few days, and all normal activities such as exercise can be resumed after 2-4 weeks. Seeing the results of liposuction can usually take 1 to 3 months, according to the procedure applied.

Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The medical methods and medical devices used for liposuction in Turkey are suitable for the latest medical technologies used in the world. Moreover, following the latest technology closely and applying innovative methods as the first, Turkey is one of the best countries in the world in terms of health service quality and adequacy.

All of our health services, which have high standards in Turkey, provide a great advantage to our patients in terms of economic provision. For example, liposuction prices in the UK and other European countries range from 3500£-5500£. On the other hand the cost of liposuction in Turkey is starting from 1700£ according to the liposuction area.

Liposuction in Luviacure

Our UK based company Luviacure has an International Health Tourism certificate, is a health institution that comes to mind first when it comes to plastic surgery in Turkey.  We perform our treatments in JCI-accredited hospitals that have been rated A+ by the Ministry of Health. Our high working standards, the quality of our physicians and the care we provide to our patients continue in liposuction operations as well as in all other aesthetic applications.

When you choose to be with our institution, you can have the privilege of having a treatment package that includes treatment costs, hospital stay, airport transfer, accommodation, English speaking assistant and aftercare services.

If you want to get the aesthetic appearance you've dreamed of, contact us immediately for information on liposuction and other treatment options.



Day 1: Arrival in Turkey

When you land in Turkey, someone will greet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel that has been arranged and booked for you. Depending on the arrival time of your flight, you might have the option to be taken to the hospital the same day for your first consultation with doctor face to face. This is an option; you can choose to spend the rest of the day at the hotel when you first arrive.


Day 2: Operation Day

When you first visit the hospital, you will be introduced to your doctor, where he will ask you some preliminary questions and carry out some tests. According to the results, he will evaluate your medical condition then make you a personalised treatment plan. Once the doctor has determined your treatment plan, he will share the details with you allowing you to discuss it with him including your desires, operation’s benefits, risks, recovery times, typical results, complications and number or type of liposuction that you need. Your surgeon will mark the areas where fat is to be removed for guidelines during the operation. After these steps, the surgeon will perform the operation. The duration may vary depending on the region and the amount of fat taken, but it generally takes between one to three hours. Local or general anaesthesia is used depending on the area of removal. After the operation takes place, the doctors will want to monitor you, so you will spend the night in the hospital under their expert supervision. After the operation, patients are asked to wear a compression garment for three to four weeks to avoid enema.


Day 3: Back to Your Hotel

You will be discharged from the hospital during the day and taken back to your hotel to rest post-operation. Your Patient Specialist will help you to from your vehicle and ensure you settle back in the hotel safely. If you experience any kind of discomfort, pain, swelling or numbness you can reach your Patient Specialist 24/7, they will be happy to help.


Day 4-5: Resting in Your Hotel

You need to rest and refrain from any excessive physical activity for the first few days after the surgery. You should avoid any strenuous exercise for roughly two to four weeks. Your surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive guide to healing and how to return to normal life. Make sure use the medicines prescribed to you and follow the instructions given to you by the surgeon.


Day 6: Last Check Ups

On the sixth day, you will be brought back to the hospital for your final check-ups and to monitor your situation closely. Your bandages will be removed on the sixth day and after that, you will be brought back to your hotel.

Day 7: Back Home to Your Country

You will be taken to the airport to return home by VIP vehicle. After you arrive home, your recovery process will be followed here. When you arrive back, you can always contact with your Patient Specialist whenever you have a problem, question or concern.

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