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Madonna Plastic Surgery: How the Madge's Face Has Changed

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Madonna Plastic Surgery

From her early days to now, Madonna has continually been surrounded by rumors about plastic surgery. As we observe how drastically her face has changed in recent years, it's almost impossible not to question if surgical procedures may have had a hand in that transformation. What kind of interventions could have taken place? Let's take an investigative dive into the Queen of Pop's rumored enhancements!

Who Is Madonna?

Whether you were born in the 70s or 80s, Madonna Louise Ciccone is an iconic figure that needs no introduction. After all, she's not just a pop singer; she is a powerful and influential force to be reckoned with who isn't afraid of voicing her opinion.

When she arrived in New York with a mere 35$ to her name, little did anyone know that this aspiring artist would go on to create some of the most iconic songs of all time. Madonna's repertoire is incomparable, from Vogue and Material Girl to Like A Virgin and Frozen. What makes her even more remarkable is the fact that she has always maintained complete control over every aspect of her career and image - making history as one of the first female singers ever to do so! With many references to sexuality or religious themes in various tracks, Madonna continues to be admired or condemned almost universally.

Despite her criticism, she is widely recognized for her musical range and exceptional ability. She received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance in Evita! Her extraordinary talent was rewarded with 28 Grammy nominations throughout her career—7 of which were wins. 2021 will mark Madonna's biopic film's premiere, celebrating all she has achieved thus far.

How Much Plastic Surgery Has Madonna had?

Rumor has it that the Material Girl singer may have undergone several surgical and non-surgical treatments, including:


Fans were stunned when Madonna posted her 2020 TikTok video, looking decades younger than expected. This was further confirmed in images of family Pictionary night that the singer posted to Instagram - with barely a wrinkle or fine line in sight. Although there are still tell-tale signs if you look at before photos, Madge is aging backward!

Botox has a unique ability to freeze the facial muscles that are typically responsible for creating facial expressions like wrinkles and crow's feet. As a result, people have noticed impeccably smooth skin around their eyes and forehead - as exemplified by today's leading singer! Without any surgery, this injectable miracle can make our dreams come true.

For many years, Madonna has been receiving Botox injections as maintenance. People have noticed that her face appears rigid and expressionless, indicating having received too much Botox (which can appear unnatural).

Dermal Fillers

It's been conjectured that Madonna, the Rebel Heart singer, has received dermal fillers over her singing career. Around 2010, people began to observe a puffiness in her face, which is usually associated with aging and volume loss - deepened creases around the mouth are common, as hollowing out of cheeks and shrinking lips. Nonetheless, even at sixty-three years old, Madonna still boasts full plump cheeks alongside visibly larger than natural lips - evidence that she most likely got some help from cosmetic treatments.


As Madonna reached 36 in 1994, whispers regarding her possible facelift began to spread. Once we reach our mid-30s, gravity's effects become increasingly evident on our skin; drooping and other signs start to show. However, these telltale signs seemed nonexistent for Madonna, leading many to believe she had some form of cosmetic help.

Her photographs around that period additionally expose proof of scarring near the frontage of her ears, a sure sign of facelift surgery. The doctor had to cut there to move back and up the skin while disposing of extra tissue; however, remember that this procedure doesn't stop aging. This is likely why Madonna may have gone through two additional lifts since then (the most recent one not too long ago).

Her facial features are both "stretched" and "tight," yet her face remains concealed with hair to cover up any potential scars from the facelift. Whether intentional or not, she may be trying to hide what cosmetic surgery has done for her.


Your skin may start to sag and wrinkle around the upper eyelids as you age. The lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye) is often a tell-tale sign of this age-related change that Madonna herself has experienced in her photos - an unavoidable truth regarding growing older gracefully. Also, hollowing or deepening tear troughs are commonly associated with aging as our bodies naturally evolve.

She appears to have managed her issues through a blepharoplasty because, in recent photos, she has eyes that are youthful and captivating. This could be the work of eyelid surgery, whereby the surgeon removes excess skin, realigns fatty pads, and firms muscles so those eyes don't slouch anymore.

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal fat reduction has become widely used to emphasize cheekbones and give your face an even more defined look. It works by taking away buccal fat pads placed in the hollow underneath the cheekbones, which is one of Madonna's go-to procedures if you take into consideration how much her upper portion appears bigger than her lower part - something that wasn't quite as noticeable before - plus it also looks slimmer now.

Butt Implants

When Madonna showcased her derriere at The Stonewall Inn in New York City, many were certain she had chosen to have butt implants. Butt implant surgery is designed to alter the shape and size of your buttocks using permanent silicone implants. Alternatively, a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) utilizes fat harvested from other body parts injected into the target area for an equally impressive result - although not as dramatic as through an implant.

Has Madonna Admitted To Getting Plastic Surgery?

Madonna has always strongly opposed plastic surgery; "I'm not opposed to it, but I hate having to talk about it." Thus, she's never admitted or denied getting any work done. Understandably, the singer would want to keep this matter private and out of public discourse - after all, what one chooses for their body should remain personal and confidential.

Undeterred by her detractors, Madonna continues to push back against criticism of her body. After speculation that she'd had butt implants, she posted a powerful statement on Instagram along with a picture of herself: "Desperately Seeking No One's Approval. And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019! It's Going to Be an Amazing Year!!" about her movie Desperately Seeking Susan. To further emphasize the message, the caption was completed with hashtags like "freedom," "respect," and "no discrimination."

Were The Results of Madonna's Plastic Surgery Any Good?

Although the singer still looks stunning, her plastic surgery had a major downside: it looked artificial. Too much Botox can cause your face to look expressionless, while too many fillers give off an overly puffy appearance. Luckily, her facelift and eye lift both have satisfactory results that are far more pleasing to the eye!

Numerous individuals have expressed concerns that the singer may have taken her plastic surgery choices too far. Heat magazine states, "Lourdes, Rocco and other children in the family try not to discuss it, but they're starting to worry about their mum's decisions." It has also been reported that she is getting these procedures because of "the highly youthful nature of the music industry" she works in.

Are Madonna's Good Looks All Thanks To Plastic Surgery?

Beauty comes naturally to the singer, and she may have had some procedures done to look timeless. Yet her effortless appearance is also a product of her healthy lifestyle; according to one of her trainers (back in 2016), she dedicated six days weekly for at least 30 minutes to interval training, boxing, resistance exercises, and yoga! Not only that--she has since then explored Ashtanga yoga as well as macrobiotic dieting (highlighted by whole grains). Therefore, anyone can achieve such beauty through Genetics and a Healthy Lifestyle.

How Much Has Madonna Spent On Plastic Surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery may differ drastically based on where you choose to get it done and how experienced the practitioner is. For example, if she decided to have her procedures performed at a well-known clinic in the United States, her expenses could easily amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For years, Madonna has undergone various surgeries and may also receive regular injections of Botox and fillers. Although these treatments come with high costs, it is uncertain how much she's spent overall on her plastic surgery journey.

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