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Neck Lift Surgery In Turkey

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The region surrounding the neck and chin is what we refer to as tickling. As we get older, gravity causes all tissues, including muscle, fat tissue, and other soft tissues, to descend under the skin in that region.

One of the most frequently performed aesthetic operations in Turkey is a neck lift. Fat accumulation first occurs in the tickling region, which is also where fat gathers during weight gain. Although not all patients are considered obese, there may be far too much fat in the scratching area. In this situation, it gives the user the appearance of being fatter, older, and wearier than they are. However, aging is undoubtedly the most crucial element when it comes to sagging scratching regions. Age is one of the most common additions.

On the day before surgery, acetaminophen/derivative medications were discontinued. If you must use medicine regularly, do not cease using it without discussing it with your doctor. It is suggested that you don't smoke for a while before and after the surgery.

Liposuction is the only way to remove excess fat from a drooping region. The food may appear more firm in this manner. This is a more practical approach for youngsters who are overweight. It's essential to think about a variety of things before performing this procedure. The person's age, the chin region's characteristics and itchiness, and the degree of drooping and sagging skin all affect the specifics of the treatment to be utilized. The patient's expectations are critical in the neck lift procedure, just as they would be with any other type of cosmetic surgery.

What Is Neck Lift Surgery?

When the patient is ready for corrective surgery, we use a combination of oral and non-oral treatments to rejuvenate and reconstruct bone and soft tissue. During this time, our primary objective is to bring the jawline back to normal. As a result, the itchy region will eliminate extra fat while maintaining its shape. Neck lift surgery might not be possible if you have chronic health issues like heavy smoking or diabetes. Furthermore, if the neck has previously been operated on, the procedure may be delayed.

The plastic surgeon will determine whether or not to have the surgery. For youngsters with decent muscular strength, tension, and no noticeable loose or excessive skin, vacuuming the fatty tissue beneath the chin may result in excellent outcomes, especially for double chin issues. To have good results in the elderly and those with significant sagging and sagging skin, treatments such as stretching sagging subcutaneous muscle tissue and removing extra skin are required. An inspection is first necessary to figure out what caused the neck lift.

Signs of neck aging are caused by various organs, including skin, muscle, fat tissue, and even saliva glands. They should be evaluated separately and incorporated into the treatment strategy as needed. Stretching the neck skin, repairing the midline of the separation of the platysma muscle, separating the wrinkle-causing belt, removing fatty tissue beneath the chin through liposuction or direct excision, and treating drooping salivary glands are some examples of surgical techniques for correcting a cleft.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Neck Lift Surgery?

If you're mostly looking in the mirror at your neckline rather than your head for no apparent reason, you may be a candidate for a neck lift. Good candidates include:

  • Individuals in good overall health and have modest expectations for what a neck lift may achieve are the most satisfied with their results.

  • People who have acquired a lot of skin slippage in the neck area, giving rise to the famous "turkey neck" appearance. The neck is the most visible feature of a person's age, rather than their other characteristics. This can lead to worry about one's appearance, which can result in a lack of self-assurance.

Types of Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift operation is rarely done alone and almost always as part of a facelift procedure. Both general and local anesthesia may be used when it comes to neck beauty. In most situations, a general anesthetic is preferable. The surgery lasts on average 2 hours, and there is no pain except for the first day. There are no traces visible from the outside when there is an entrance in front of or behind the ear, except tiny remnants.

  • Lower Neck Lift

A lower neck lift, also known as a lower neck tucking operation, reverses visible signs of aging in the lower jawline and neck. The surgeon repositions the underlying tissue of the lower neck skin in this technique, and often the platysma muscle is stretched. The pulled-over contours are covered with skin, and any extra flaps are removed.

  • Mini Neck Lift

The mini neck lift is a less invasive neck surgery that can improve the appearance of your neck. The vertical neck bands are removed during the operation, and the extra skin on the neck is tightened. Mini neck lifts entail smaller incisions than conventional neck lifts, resulting in a quicker recovery time and less bruising and swelling. The end result is a more ageless and attractive jawline and neck with minimal downtime.

Neck lift procedure:

A neck lift is a plastic surgery that removes extra skin and fat from the region surrounding your jawline, giving your neck a younger-looking appearance.

Before your surgery, your surgeon may advise you to cease taking aspirin or other blood-thinning pills for a few days. Smoking is also harmful to the skin, causing wrinkles and delaying healing and recovery. Before getting a neck lift, your doctor will urge you to quit smoking.

The following are the steps involved in a neck lift procedure:

  • During surgery, you will be given medicines to help you relax. Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are two options.

  • There will be incisions in the hairline at the level of the sideburn, extending down and around the ear, and finally into the rear of the head.

  • The platysma muscle will be contracted, and the tissue beneath the neck skin will be rearranged. Excess skin is removed carefully, and the raised features are covered with skin.

  • Skin glue and sutures will be used to close the incision scars. Sutures may dissolve after a few days or need to be removed. Incision lines following a neck lift are generally well hidden within the hairline and in natural ear creases after healing.

A neck lift might induce swelling and bruising. To assist decrease swelling, you may need to wear a particular neck compression garment. You’ll also need to keep your head straight and high above your heart. Avoid bending or twisting your neck for a few days.

Risks And Side Effects

Before having a neck lift, your doctor may advise you to stop smoking since it causes wrinkles on the skin and delays recovery and healing. On the days preceding your surgery, your doctor may request that you stop taking aspirin and other blood-thinning medications. The following are some of the risks associated with neck lift surgery:

  • Under-the-skin bruising

  • Anesthesia sensitivity

  • Scarring that is deep

  • Lesions in the blood

  • Infections

  • Nerve damage

  • Dermal deterioration

  • Injuries that have not healed

An additional concern of neck lift surgery is that you may be dissatisfied with the outcome. The further operation can be a choice to make.

Why Get Neck Lift Surgery In Turkey?

  • The medical tourism industry in Turkey is well-known. Turkey is one of the most popular countries for health tourism. Thousands of individuals travel to Turkey each year to undergo neck lift surgery.

  • The movement has significant interests in the Turkish World Tourism Authority. The company has infrastructure facilities, high-quality medical services, human resources, competitive price advantages, government support, geographic location, unique natural and historical resources, favorable weather conditions, and quality and world tourism.-Turkish medical, a well-known doctor in the field of tourism has more and more shares.

  • To have the most satisfactory outcomes and experience in Turkey, see Luviacure works with the best plastic surgeon and top clinics for each type of cosmetic surgery procedure.

  • In Europe, Turkey is one of the most cost-effective locations for neck lift surgery. If you're considering a neck lift operation outside of the United Kingdom, Turkey should be a the top of your list.

Is It Safe To Have Neck Lift Surgery In Turkey?

When you look for neck-lift surgery on the internet, one of the first things that appear is low-cost Turkish hospitals. You might be frightened at first, but it is just as secure as having the operation in a European facility. Turkey has become a cosmetic surgery hotspot because of its expertise.

Is Turkey An Excellent Place To Get Neck Lift Surgery?

Turkey is an ideal place to have a neck lift operation, of course. With its helpful citizens and weather, Turkey is a beautiful nation that provides excellent service at a reasonable price. Furthermore, if you enjoy the outdoors or historical sites, there is no better location to visit. What a fantastic idea!


The neck lift surgery at Luviacure Turkey procedure is a surgical procedure that aims to reverse the effects of aging by removing excess skin from around your neck and tightening it. Sometimes, this can also include removal of fat deposits as well as lifting up the skin on your chin or jowls with incisions made there. This type of anesthesia typically lasts about an hour and has a relatively quick recovery time for patients who undergo it. So if you’re looking for ways to combat wrinkles and sagging, contact us and schedule a free consultation today!

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