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The Truth About Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Erin Moriarty's Plastic Surgery
Erin Moriarty's Plastic Surgery

Is Erin Moriarty the monarch of plastic surgery, or are these all-mere speculations? The Amazon Prime star has been raising questions since her initial role in The Boys. Fans can't stop guessing what she might have done, from a purported nose job to an alleged boob lift. Now let's investigate if there is any truth behind all this hype - shall we?

Erin Moriarty is a force to be reckoned with. You may recognize her as Starlight in the hit show The Boys, but she has been gracing screens and stages for over ten years! Her career began when she was just a young girl playing Annie in an acclaimed theatre production of the musical; since then, Erin has acted on shows such as Jessica Jones, True Detective, Law & Order, Red Widow, and more - not to mention films like Monster Party, Captain Fantastic Blood Father and Driven. But it wasn't until joining The Boys that Erin's star power skyrocketed into fame. Now hard at work filming season four of this beloved series; we can only imagine what else this amazing actress will do next!

Who Is Erin Moriarty?

While many viewers of the show know that Erin stars as Starlight, few realize that she began her acting career when she was only 11 years old. What makes this even more remarkable is that her first role in theatre was Annie - truly a full-circle experience!

Subsequently, Erin Moriarty played several minor roles in TV series such as Law & Order, Red Widow, True Detective and Jessica Jones. Additionally, she had parts in films like Blood Father, Captain Fantastic and Monster Party. However, it was only with The Boys that her talent truly burst onto the scene when she assumed the role of Annie January from Garth Ennis' comic book series. Nowadays, Erin is busy filming for the fourth season of this acclaimed show.

What Cosmetic Procedures has Erin Moriarty Been Rumored to Have Undergone?

So, has Erin gone under the knife? Let's investigate and discover what people are saying.

Buccal Fat Removal

In addition, it is said that Erin underwent buccal fat removal to give her face a more contoured look. During The Boys' latter seasons, many fans noticed this transformation and had different thoughts on its cause; some suggested age or weight loss, while others were sure plastic surgery was responsible.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Speculations about Erin Moriarty's nose job have been circulating for years. Comparing her before and after images, it is evident that she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure, resulting in a narrower and more refined nose tip. Additionally, the hump on the bridge of her nose is no longer visible - further indicating that the actress had this rumored surgery done. Moreover, some fans also claim to observe symmetrical nostrils now compared to even minor asymmetry seen before her reported cosmetic enhancement.

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

But what about treatments that don't require invasive procedures? Rumour has it Erin has had both fillers and Botox, often used to attain a more youthful look. Fillers add volume to areas like the cheeks or lips, while Botox relaxes facial muscles leading to fewer wrinkles. With this combination of treatments, many people have achieved remarkable results in no time!

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Erin has supposedly undergone Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as eyelid surgery. This surgical treatment involves removing any overabundance of skin and fat around the eyes - when done on the upper lids; it can create a hollowed-out look above them. Many people have noticed this change in some of Erin's latest images, prompting their belief that she must have undergone yet another cosmetic procedure.

Breast Implants (Boob Job)

Last but not least, numerous rumors have been about Erin's alleged breast augmentation. Due to her petite frame, many believe that she used implants to increase the size of her chest area.

V-line jaw surgery

Rumors swirl that Erin underwent V-line jaw surgery, where the mandible and chin are shaved to refine facial contours. Some allege she had her jaw reshaped from a square shape to a more pointed look. Whether this is true remains to be seen - but if so, it was successful!

Has Erin Moriarty Acknowledged or Denied Any Rumors of Plastic Surgery?

Erin has yet to discuss the plastic surgery allegations openly; however, she did take a stand against all those who had criticized her for her physical appearance. The discourse surrounding Erin's looks was undoubtedly toxic, with many calling her 'ugly' and 'old-looking.' In response, Erin shared an Instagram post of an essay written by one of the show's supporters, highlighting these issues.

She continued to express that she feels unheard, disregarded, and powerless in her role. She has invested countless times and effort into this character's development, mentally, emotionally and physically growing with him along the way.

In reference to her character in the show, she declared that "... I've invested my heart and soul for this role and what I stand for (as Annie) completely opposes this kind of harassment..."

It's obvious that regardless if the actress had cosmetic surgery or not, it is nobody else's business. It is up to her how she wants to take care of her own body.

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