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All About Matt Rife’s Plastic Surgery Rumours

Matt Rife Plastic Surgery

Matt Rife is no stranger to stirring up controversy, whether it's his questionable sense of humor or his provocative social media posts. Known as "ProbleMATTic," he's often at the center of debates about what constitutes comedy. However, beyond his polarizing comedy style, another aspect of him has garnered significant attention: his physical appearance.

Matt himself has humorously acknowledged the attention he receives for his looks, joking about the challenges of being a comedian when you're considered attractive. Yet, this spotlight on his appearance has led to speculation about potential plastic surgery procedures. While these rumors are just that—rumors—many have noted significant differences in his appearance over time, prompting curiosity about whether there's any truth to the speculation.

Who Is Matt Rife?

Matthew Steven Rife, known to many as the charismatic comedian from TikTok, hails from Columbus, Ohio, born on September 10th, 1995. Currently 28 years old, he may very well be at the pinnacle of his career, propelled into the spotlight by his viral TikTok video titled "The Lazy Hero."

However, it's important to note that Matt had been diligently pursuing a career in comedy since the tender age of 15. His breakthrough moment came with his involvement in MTV's Wild 'n Out, where a memorable clip of him playfully interacting with Zendaya caught the public's eye. Then, TikTok entered the picture.

What followed next brought him even more attention: his Netflix stand-up special, "Natural Selection," which made waves for its controversial content, notably a joke about domestic violence. Adding fuel to the fire, Matt responded to those offended by the joke by promoting a store selling "special needs helmets" on his Instagram story. Despite the backlash, he secured another deal with Netflix, ensuring his presence in the comedy landscape persists.

What Plastic Surgery Has Matt Rife Allegedly Had?

Matt Rife is believed to have had the following treatments:

Cheek Implants/Filler

There's been speculation about the fullness of Matt's cheeks, with some suggesting he may have undergone implants or fillers to achieve their current appearance. However, upon closer inspection, it appears that his cheeks have always possessed a certain plumpness.

Cheek implants involve surgical placement, with an incision made to insert the implant into the cheek. This procedure offers permanent results compared to dermal fillers.

On the other hand, dermal fillers are non-surgical and involve the injection of substances like hyaluronic acid into the targeted area. While less permanent than implants, fillers typically last between 6 months to 2 years.

Jaw Implants

In the midst of the recent obsession with razor-sharp jawlines that could "cut glass," scrutiny has turned to Matt's own chiseled jawline, prompting speculation about its authenticity.

Jawline implants have emerged as a focal point in this discussion, involving augmentation of the jaw to enhance definition through the insertion of a silicone implant. The outcomes of this surgical procedure are typically permanent. However, it's worth noting that Matt has long sported a notably sharp jawline, raising questions about whether any intervention was necessary.

Buccal Fat Removal

The presence of subtle indentations or shadows beneath Matt's cheeks has sparked speculation about the possibility of buccal fat removal being added to his list of procedures.

Buccal fat removal involves the extraction of a fat pad from the lower cheeks to enhance facial contouring. Because the fat is permanently removed, this procedure is considered to have long-lasting results.


Although not classified as plastic surgery, dental veneers fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry, offering enhancements to the smile's appearance.

Matt has been transparent about his decision to undergo veneer treatment for his front teeth, specifically addressing noticeable gaps and unevenness. With eight veneers placed, his smile has undergone a significant transformation, now boasting a radiant and even appearance. Additionally, certain types of veneers are designed to resist stains, ensuring long-lasting brightness.

Did Matt Rife Get Plastic Surgery?

Despite widespread speculation about plastic surgery, particularly regarding his jawline, Matt Rife, a native of Ohio, has adamantly denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures. During a 2023 interview with Access Hollywood, when asked about the biggest misconception about himself, Matt laughed off rumors of plastic surgery, emphasizing that his facial changes were simply the result of late puberty, jokingly remarking that he didn't look like himself until his early twenties. He brushed aside rumors of cheek fillers, jawline surgery, or lip enhancements.

Matt has addressed similar speculation on Tana Mongeau's podcast "Cancelled," reiterating that he hasn't undergone any cosmetic procedures apart from dental veneers to improve his teeth.

While some may find the changes in Matt's jawline notable, it's important to consider that he already possessed a strong jawline from a young age. Additionally, many comparison photos may depict him during his teenage years.

Regarding his lips, they have maintained their fullness since an early age. However, there's speculation about the roundness of his cheeks, particularly when smiling. This could be attributed to dietary changes, facial exercises, or possibly cheek fillers, although the exact cause remains uncertain.

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