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Secret Behind Kriti Sanon Nose Job

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Kriti Sanon Nose Job

Netizens are abuzz about Kriti Sanon's captivating transformation - before and after pictures from her days as Mimi star have been creating a stir on Reddit. Commenters observed that the Bollywood actress may have undergone nasal surgery to give her nose a sleeker look, noting how "subtle but well-done" the alterations seem. One user even pointed out that its width appears more refined than in previous photos! See what other social media users have to say by accessing our article now!

In Bollywood, it has become increasingly frequent for celebs to opt for plastic surgery to modify their physical appearance. Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and a few other stars have been open about going under the knife, but most actresses prefer staying mum on this topic. Now joining them is actress Kriti Sanon who recently sparked these same speculations.

Kriti Sanon Nose Job Before and After Pics Go Viral.

Kriti Sanon's before and after pictures are now circulating widely on Reddit. Netizens speculated that the Bollywood actress underwent a nose job, as her "flaring nostrils" were no longer present in recent photos. In particular, one user highlighted how Sanon's nose looked different between an old picture and a current photo - claiming she had received cosmetic surgery - with the caption reading: "Kriti has had at least one nose job done."

What Netizens Have to Say

Netizens were wowed by Kriti's rumored rhinoplasty, praising her for not overdoing it. A Reddit user commented on the post, saying, "Kriti did a wonderful job – subtle but obvious simultaneously. When you look at her now, it is difficult to figure out exactly what has changed, yet that change makes all the difference."

One user remarked, "When I first saw her closeup ad, she had flaring nostrils. It's obvious that the surgery was geared to reduce them." Another admired a job well done: "The width of her nose appears more elegant than before. Incredible work! This is exactly how plastic surgery should be - making subtle changes to enhance one's natural features without completely transforming into someone else."

Benefits of Nose Job

Rhinoplasty not only has physical benefits but emotional and mental ones too. Self-esteem is essential to living a contented life; feeling embarrassed about any element of your appearance wholly impacts how you view yourself. This can damage your mental well-being - which is why rhinoplasty plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's respiratory system for aesthetic and health reasons.

The nose is the essential organ in aiding with both breathing and sleeping. You can suffer from oxygen deprivation or sleep disorders when not functioning as it should. Rhinoplasty offers an ideal solution to these issues by providing aesthetic improvements while restoring your emotional and physical health.

  1. Rhinoplasty can improve breathing. If you experience congenital or structural respiratory issues, a rhinoplasty could help improve your breathing. If you have incredibly small nostrils, a diminutive nose, or an accident has left your nose flattened and narrowed, your respiration might be partially hindered. You may feel exhausted even after minor physical activities due to the restricted airflow through your nasal passage. This procedure can alleviate all these problems so you can breathe freely again!

  2. Rhinoplasty can boost your confidence. A beautiful face is a key to high self-esteem and improved mental health. With rhinoplasty, you can bring out your best features and look in the mirror with a newfound confidence that radiates into all aspects of life.

  3. Rhinoplasty can improve sinus problems. Rhinoplasty may be a suitable solution for common conditions that cause headaches, persistent nasal congestion, and sinus pressure. If the septum is altered during surgery, it can reduce or eliminate sinus problems. When the cavities in your nose upper cheeks, and forehead can drain properly due to rhinoplasty procedures, unpleasant symptoms such as pain, pressure, and discomfort should subside significantly.

  4. Rhinoplasty can rectify a broken nose. Not only can surgery improve the appearance of a broken nose, but it can also provide relief from lingering pain associated with a traumatic injury.

  5. Rhinoplasty can correct prior surgery. If your initial rhinoplasty procedure fails to produce the desired results, a revision can help you achieve the look you had in mind.

Why Choose Luviacure for A Nose Job?

At Luviacure, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to our patients. With our experienced and certified professionals, you can expect a comfortable environment and excellent results. Our team ensures your experience is as smooth as possible by creating individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs. Plus, with access to the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques, you can count on us for beautiful results designed to last. Contact us today to learn more about rhinoplasty and how it can benefit you!

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