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Do not Say There Cannot Be Plastic-Surgery in Summer

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I did share what should we do to decrease the effect of sunlight to our bodies in my writing last week. This week, which plastic-surgeries can we undergo in summer months?

It is pretty hard to spare time for a surgery with a busy work schedule. You can actually return to your work with a new shape by planning your summer holiday. Nose plastic-surgery, rhinoplasty, is the most common plastic-surgery in Turkey. Because of the effect of sweating to cast and hardness in wearing glasses after the surgery, we suggest the surgery in cold months. However, we can easily do the surgery in summer months thanks to glasses without nose pad and tools like thermal splint. We can do liposuction and abdominoplasty in every month of the year. The biggest fear for the ones who undergo the surgery in summer is to wear corset and possibility of the being apparent of the marks. Recently, with the usage of slim corsets and these corsets’ effective protection from sunlight, these fears have widely gone. A great deal of advantages are offered for the surgeries, especially for mammoplasty. Easy wound-dressing, easy dressing and undressing and these movements’ negative effect on breast muscles make the summer months best months for the mammoplasty. Lastly, cauliflower-ear operation, which is a common operation among kids, can be done in semester holiday for the kids who do not want to miss school. I wish you a beautiful summer holiday. 

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