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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is an advanced cosmetic procedure that adjusts the shape of a nose to suit the individual's ethnic heritage. People of all approaches may consider this option if they want to appear more traditionally attractive or closer to what they view as their cultural identity. If you are considering this type of surgery, it is essential to understand the process and your options to make an informed decision about whether it is right for you. This article will provide insight into why ethnic rhinoplasty might be necessary, the techniques used during the procedure, and what possible outcomes you should expect afterward.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey is a specialized form of plastic surgery designed to enhance the appearance of patients from various ethnic backgrounds. This type of surgery typically involves reshaping or augmenting the nose to give it a more aesthetically pleasing shape and improve breathing by making any structural defects less noticeable. It can also involve refining the nostrils, reducing the nose size, or removing any bumps or depressions. Depending on the patient’s needs and preferences, ethnic rhinoplasty can be performed using various techniques ranging from traditional open surgery to more modern approaches such as cartilage grafting and endonasal techniques.

Who Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Suitable For?

Ethnic rhinoplasty can correct nasal deformities caused by genetic factors, injury, or congenital conditions. It is most often performed on people of African, Asian, and South American descent who may have thicker skin, a flatter bridge, and wider nostrils than other ethnic groups. However, it is also suitable for anyone who wishes to alter the shape or size of their nose in a way that is more in line with their overall facial features.

In addition, ethnic rhinoplasty can be used to correct breathing issues caused by nasal obstruction due to deformities or abnormalities in the structures inside the nose. This type of surgery can also enhance the appearance of the nose and restore aesthetic balance to the face.

The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure begins with an examination by a qualified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will evaluate your facial structure, skin type, and hair texture to determine the best approach for achieving your desired results. They may also take pictures of your nose from different angles to accurately assess the area that needs to be corrected.

For Which Deformations Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty be Planned?

Ethnic rhinoplasty can be planned to correct a variety of nasal deformities, including:

• Hump or bump on the bridge of the nose

• Wide nasal bridge

• Asymmetrical nostrils

• Drooping tip

• Flared nostrils

• Excessively long nose

Your plastic surgeon will discuss which deformities are best suited for ethnic rhinoplasty. They can also explain the expected outcome of your procedure and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the surgery. It is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty to ensure the best possible outcome.

What are The Advantages?

Ethnic rhinoplasty offers several advantages over traditional rhinoplasty. The surgeon can customize the procedure to suit your features, which makes it possible to achieve natural-looking results that are in harmony with your ethnic background.

The procedure can also restore facial balance and improve self-confidence by correcting visible deformities. In addition, ethnic rhinoplasty can improve your breathing if a deviated septum hinders it.

Finally, the procedure can be combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures to provide a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

How is Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey Performed?

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey uses advanced techniques to reshape the nose while preserving its unique ethnic features. The surgeon can use a combination of cartilage grafts, suturing, and small incisions to achieve the desired result.

The procedure begins with an evaluation that includes photographs and medical history. The surgeon will then discuss with the patient their desired results. During the operation, local anesthesia is used to ensure comfort and reduce pain. If necessary, the surgeon will make small incisions in the nose and a few other areas of the face to access and reshape the nasal structures.

Contact Luviacure for Ethnic Rhinoplasty!

We are proud to provide you with the best possible results from your Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedure. Our team of highly trained and experienced surgeons is dedicated to helping you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose while preserving its unique ethnic features. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you!

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