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Everything You Need To Know About Millie Bobby Brown’s Plastic Surgery

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

It's difficult to avoid picturing the 11-year-old telekinetic child (complete with bloodied nose and clawed hand) when Millie Bobby Brown is spoken. It was the most-watched Netflix program in recent memory for everyone. And Millie is the focal point of the world of The Stranger Things. The actress, who had just turned 19, was only 11 years old when the show first began filming. And she has undergone significant change over time, just like any other developing adolescent. However, it's difficult to find a celebrity nowadays who hasn't been accused of getting cosmetic surgery because aesthetic "tweakments" are so popular. While they are not always unfounded, these charges are also not always accurate.

This is something that Millie has been dealing with as well for a while. There have been rumors that she underwent a variety of cosmetic surgeries, including boob and nose jobs. Yet, is any of it accurate? Let's investigate.

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown?

There is probably no need to introduce The Stranger Things viewers. However, a lot of people are unaware that Millie's debut job wasn't as Eleven. The actress, who made her acting debut on the Once Upon A Time spin-off, was born in Spain on February 19, 2004. She was just about 9 years old when she played the role of Young Alice (the Wonderland one). She then made guest appearances on other well-known shows like Grey's Anatomy and The Modern Family. But things didn't really get going for her until The Stranger Things.

Millie was nominated for numerous significant prizes for her work on the program, including the Emmy and Screen Actors Guild, which the ensemble won.

She is renowned for more than just Stranger Things at this point, though. She has since made her big-screen debut, and the show is still airing at the time of writing. Particularly lauded was her performance in Enola Holmes as a young detective.

Her movie Damsel, for which she serves as executive producer and has her own production business, is scheduled for release in 2023. Additionally, Millie owns and operates a skincare and cosmetics company named Florence by Mills.

Which Plastic Surgeries Did Millie Allegedly Get?

After the introductions, let's talk about all the plastic surgery rumors that have been circulating around her for a while. She may have received the following surgical and non-surgical procedures.


Over the years, Millie Bobby Brown has also developed a highly defined jawline. And everyone took the finger onto Botox rather than thinking it was just her reducing her baby weight. Now, Botox actually works fairly well to give the face a smaller appearance. To lessen their activity, it enters the masseter muscles. And it performs admirably. Millie doesn't seem to require it at her age. She most likely didn't understand it either.


Most notably, Millie Bobby Brown has been charged with concealing a rhinoplasty, a cosmetic surgery that modifies the nose's size and shape. But the issue is that a lot of people made that claim after contrasting her "now" nose with the one she had as a young child. And the size of your nose changes throughout time! Of course, it needs to expand. Some claim that it can continue to develop until the age of 17 (or even longer in men). Therefore, the majority of the comparisons aren't quite valid. It's true that she has a different-looking nose. But not much different enough to suggest a rhinoplasty. Her nose still has the same rounded, button-shaped tip.

She still has the same flair in her nose's wings (the "ala"). Her nose has a very small bump, but it is otherwise largely same. The nose still has the same general length and form, but it has matured. The cosmetics (contour can do a lot!) may have caused it to seem differently in some photographs. She might not have gotten a nose job, though.

Lip Fillers

Millie has also come under close scrutiny for her lips. Many claim that she used lip fillers to make her lips appear significantly larger than they actually are. Hyaluronic acid is used in fillers to give the lips and other areas of the face more volume. If done correctly, they won't make a ducky face. Besides, Millie doesn't possess it. Her lips do appear little larger than usual in some spots. But that's probably because her lips in those photos are overdrawn. The Jenners are most obviously not its forerunners, although it has been done for a very, very long time. Additionally, Millie owns a beauty line, so it seems natural that she would sell her goods in a trendy manner.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is another procedure Millie is alleged to have had. The volume of the breasts is increased using implants or body fat. Once more, your boobs expand as you do. In actuality, breast growth can last until the age of 18 or even into your early 20s. Your genetics and weight play a role. Additionally, hormone changes later in life can cause boobs to change even after they stop expanding. It happens in a very natural way. And, yes, puberty affects celebrities too, believe it or not!

Veneers and Invisalign

Nowadays, it's impossible to visit Hollywood without getting some dental work done. Millie did have crooked teeth at first. They resembled the yaeba, which is a cute Japanese phenomenon where teeth appear to be fangs.

And Millie did look rather cute wearing them. However, as she grew older, those fangs gradually became less visible, and it's likely that she was wearing braces at the time. It's assumed that she had Invisalign because no one noticed it, which might very well be the case. However, others claim that she also received veneers to correct her teeth. However, it doesn't appear to be the case because her teeth still resemble each other in most respects.

Did Millie Bobby Brown Get Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery on Millie Bobby Brown appears improbable. Growing up and her new hair/makeup style can be blamed for the most of her physical changes.

Being a child celebrity is also not simple. You don't always want to be perceived as just a child star who is also not taken seriously enough, despite the great strain and scrutiny.

And this could be the reason Millie Bobby Brown has evolved her look. But it doesn't lessen how stunning she still appears.

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