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How to Get Rid of Banana Roll Fat

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Banana Roll Fat

Fat can occasionally collect in tricky areas of our body, causing us to feel self-conscious or out of shape. One such location is the area beneath the buttocks and above the thighs, where fat often accumulates. A 'banana roll' is the layer of fat that accumulates on our buttocks, commonly taking away from the look and definition of our backside muscles. This crescent-shaped area can make your glutes appear saggy and undefined if not appropriately managed. If you've been enviously admiring Jennifer Lopez's toned buttocks and hoping to reach similar success for yourself, then banana rolls may be standing between you and your goals.

That dreaded banana roll fat can squash your dreams of having a voluptuous behind; it changes the appearance and structure of your body. You may also see this issue when looking at them from an angle. Surprisingly, not only individuals who are overweight experience this problem, but even those in good physical shape suffer too. Genetics and lifestyle play a role in the appearance of stubborn banana fat rolls, yet there are plenty of ways to eliminate them. We will explore top options such as physical exercise and non-surgical body contouring treatments that promise tighter buttocks while getting rid of those pesky rotund creases.

What is banana roll fat?

Subcutaneous fat can be a bear to remove, and banana roll fat is no exception. Sitting just below the skin's surface and located between your lower buttocks and upper thigh, this type of wobbling subcutaneous adipose tissue is trickier than visceral fat, which lies more profound in the epidermis layer; it thus requires more effort when attempting to shed those extra pounds with dieting and exercise regimes.

An all-encompassing approach is necessary to achieve successful results in banishing banana roll fat, including tailored nutrition and exercise. Non-surgical treatments can also aid this method by precisely targeting the unwanted fat with extraordinary accuracy, which will consequently help get rid of it quickly and efficiently.

How to lose Banana Roll Fat

Liposuction is a great route to take if you're looking for an effective way to reduce your banana roll fat. Although this approach physically removes the fat from the area, it can involve weeks of recovery and potential scarring. That's why many people choose to tone and sculpt their buttocks through butt exercises instead of surgery - though it may take longer, it will be worth it in the end.

Banana Roll Exercise

Patients may reduce fat and improve gluteal definition through a variety of exercises. Over time, these movements will lead to bigger and more sculpted butt muscles, making the buttocks look rounder and fuller. Following these butt lift exercises will shrink your fat pocket below the buttocks as your thighs, and gluteal muscles become firmer. The best types of workouts to achieve a reduction in banana rolls are:

  • Squats: Strengthen and tone your quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

  • Donkey kicks: Tone your glutes, as well as your shoulders and core, with this exercise!

  • Hamstring curls: Leg curls, also known as hamstring curls, are a great way to strengthen and tone the hamstrings while simultaneously providing your thighs with an extra boost of firmness.

  • Bridge walks: Tone and sculpt your hips and lower back with increased muscle definition.

  • Swivel Raises, Strengthens and tones the outer thigh and gluteal muscles for a more defined look.

  • Deadlifts (using a barbell): Squats are a fantastic exercise for strengthening your posterior, as they engage the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles.

It is essential to combine glute toning exercises like squats with aerobic workouts. Doing so will maximize the number of calories burned and safely witness visible improvements in your banana rolls over time. Most personal trainers suggest engaging in 3-4 strength training exercises and cardiovascular activities each week for optimal muscle toning and fat loss on your banana rolls.

By engaging in cardio sessions such as running and swimming, you can stimulate circulation to the gluteal muscles while simultaneously burning excess fat. Muscle-toning exercises will help craft a more robust posterior that is bigger and stronger than before!

How to get rid of Banana Rolls naturally.

To get the most out of your anaerobic and cardiovascular exercises, it is essential to stick with a balanced diet that keeps you in a calorie deficit. Opt for wholesome meals low in saturated fats but rich in protein - this will optimize muscle recovery while helping you stay away from excess calories.

To maintain satiation for a more extended period, limit your carbohydrate intake and elevate the amount of protein you consume. Put aside sugary or fatty snacks in favour of fruits and vegetables, providing necessary nutrients that assist with post-workout recovery. As time passes, the amazing effects of this diet and exercise plan will become evident. You may even find that those dreaded banana rolls have vanished completely.

Non-Surgical Banana Roll Fat Treatments

If you're looking for an extra boost to reduce your banana rolls and feel like a diet and exercise program is too much work, then non-surgical cosmetic procedures could be the perfect solution. Rejuvenate your booty with two leading body-sculpting methods approved for their fat-elimination and muscle-tonifying capabilities. By targeting underneath the butt, you can tone and shape it to perfection. Combining EM-Sculpt, which rapidly tones and contracts the buttock muscles, with CoolSculpting to break down fat in a person's banana rolls is a surefire way of sculpting your body into its ideal shape.

  • EM-Sculpt for Banana Rolls

EM-Sculpt is the cutting-edge, non-invasive method for sculpting your body. Not only does it eliminate fat deposits in areas like banana rolls, but it also tones and firms up gluteal and thigh muscles to give you a sleeker silhouette. With EM-Sculpt, you can have the shapely figure of your dreams without ever having to go under the knife. This method also lessens the conspicuous signs of fat around your buttock region. Through high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, the technology causes muscles to contract quickly. All it takes is a single 30-minute session which equals 20,000 manual squats or crunches in a gym.

Patients will observe drastic declines in their banana rolls' size in only a month or two. In addition, they should also detect an increase in firmness and definition around the thighs and bottom region of the body. In only two to four weeks, this program can deliver an incredible 16% average increase in muscle mass and a remarkable 19% reduction in fat. That's far quicker than you'd get from dieting or going to the gym alone! When paired with those methods, the results are even more impressive - so much so that banana roll sufferers will surely see noteworthy progress within days of starting.

  • CoolSculpting Banana Rolls

The subcutaneous fat tissues are crystalized through fat freezing before dissolving and breaking down naturally in your body. The CoolSculpting brand is renowned for this body sculpting procedure which has been scientifically verified to diminish hard-to-move pockets of fat by up to 27%. By freezing fat cells, banana rolls can be permanently diminished with a healthy diet and lifestyle maintained. Individuals can expect visible results in only 4-6 weeks post-treatment.

With more prominent banana rolls, fat reduction can be incredibly effective with this procedure. It's the perfect approach for those who wish to reduce sagging or enlarged areas in their lower back and buttocks. On the other hand, EM-Sculpt might be a better option if your body is already fit and toned since it works best on slimmer frames.

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