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How Tom Cruise Got His Teeth Done 

tom cruise teeth

As one of Hollywood's most prominent figures, Tom Cruise is accustomed to speculation and scandals. His teeth, in particular, have frequently been a topic of discussion. Renowned for his captivating appearance and acting prowess, the superstar thrives as he nears his sixties. Despite significant transformations in his appearance over the years, Cruise's teeth consistently spark curiosity. Let's delve into the truth behind them.

Who Is Tom Cruise?

Born in 1962 in New York, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV adopted the stage name Tom Cruise later in life. Raised in Canada due to his father's affiliation with the Canadian Armed Forces, Cruise's passion for acting blossomed during his upbringing. Revered as "Hollywood's last true movie star," Cruise has become a legendary figure. Since the 1980s, he has dominated the silver screen with a string of hits, undeterred by personal challenges or the passage of time. Despite maintaining a prominent presence in the industry, Cruise remains enigmatic, occasionally punctuated by moments described as "bizarre." At 18, he committed to pursuing acting, initially in New York and later in Los Angeles (LA), the epitome of Hollywood itself.

Tom Cruise's Professional Career

Tom Cruise landed his first significant role as Billy in Brooke Shields' "Endless Love," followed by notable appearances in "Taps" and "The Outsiders." However, his breakthrough portrayal in "Top Gun" propelled him into the limelight. Subsequently, Cruise's career soared, starring in acclaimed films such as "Rain Man," "Risky Business," "The Color of Money," "Born on the Fourth of July," "Jerry Maguire," and "Magnolia," among others. He has also contributed to significant film franchises, notably "Mission: Impossible," where he undertakes daring stunts like Ethan Hunt.

While awaiting the release of "Mission: Impossible 8," Cruise recently reprised his role in the sequel to the cult classic "Top Gun." Undoubtedly, this Hollywood icon ranks among the highest-paid and most successful actors in history. His accolades include Golden Globe wins, Academy Award and British Academy Film Award nominations, and the honorary Palme d'Or bestowed upon him at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Does Tom Cruise Have A Tooth Gap?

Since his youth, Tom Cruise's teeth lacked the typical Hollywood sparkle, marred by misalignment, chips, and a noticeable overbite. However, before his Hollywood debut, he underwent dental procedures to address these issues. Reports suggest that he even removed a dental crown, likely from his right front tooth, to enhance his character as Steve Randle in "The Outsiders."

It's speculated that Cruise sustained dental damage from a sports-related injury, possibly while playing hockey during his youth. This may explain the missing tooth on his left upper jaw, which contributes to the appearance of a "middle tooth" due to the shifting of surrounding teeth towards the left, known as dental midline deviation.

Such dental shifts commonly occur when teeth are missing, leading to misalignment and crookedness. Additionally, there are anecdotes involving Tom Cruise's teeth, including an incident where his front teeth purportedly fell out while he was sharing drinks with former New York Post editor-in-chief Col Allan. Cruise allegedly attributed this mishap to an accident involving one of his children's heels striking his teeth during playtime. Despite Cruise's reported request for privacy regarding this incident, the information has become public knowledge.

How Did Tom Cruise Fix His Teeth?

It's widely believed that the star of Mission Impossible had crowns on his teeth, although it's also feasible for individuals to undergo both crown and veneer procedures simultaneously. The choice between the two depends on factors such as the teeth' condition, location, and the severity of the dental issues. Veneers, while effective at concealing imperfections, only cover the front surface of the teeth.

Additionally, Tom Cruise may have undergone a teeth whitening treatment. Despite his unconventional "unitooth" and not possessing conventionally "perfect" teeth, many still admire his radiant smile. This brilliance may be attributed to teeth whitening treatments. It's important to note that dental restorations like crowns and veneers cannot be whitened, highlighting the necessity of maintaining overall dental health.

To avoid an overly conspicuous appearance, individuals often opt for teeth whitening procedures to ensure uniformity with the rest of their teeth.

Did Tom Cruise Have Teeth Surgery?

Throughout Tom Cruise's career, his teeth have undergone notable transformations. As previously mentioned, he sported dental crowns during filming The Outsiders, which typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years, necessitating replacement over time. Another widely observed instance of dental work is Cruise wearing braces at the 2002 premiere of Minority Report, opting for ceramic braces for a more natural appearance.

Examining photographs from this period reveals transparent brackets blending seamlessly with his teeth. Additionally, his gum line appeared even at the time. However, recent images show a discrepancy in gum tissue between his left and right central incisors, with the right tooth notably larger than the left. This suggests the possibility of subsequent procedures such as crown lengthening or gingivectomy.

Such treatments are often performed before dental crown placement, involving removing gum tissue above the tooth to expose more of its structure. This facilitates better bonding and anchorage for the crown, potentially explaining the uneven gum line and altered tooth size observed in Cruise's recent photographs.

Does Tom Cruise Have Teeth Veneers?

It appears more probable that Tom Cruise has dental crowns rather than veneers. Unlike veneers, which solely cover the front surface of the teeth, crowns offer more comprehensive protection, particularly suitable for addressing significant tooth damage. Given the extent of damage, Cruise's dentist likely recommended crowns to safeguard the underlying tooth structure, if present.

While veneers can provide natural-looking results, they may not offer the same level of protection as crowns, especially in cases of substantial damage. However, if Cruise had opted for veneers, they would likely still have provided a natural appearance, disregarding any existing misalignment.

Has Tom Cruise Ever Said Anything About His Teeth?

Tom Cruise remains enigmatic regarding his teeth, neither confirming nor denying any speculations. Evidence of dental work comes solely from photographs and his public appearance wearing braces at 40.

Numerous rumors swirl around the Minority Report star, yet Cruise has refrained from addressing them directly. Despite over four decades in the spotlight, he has managed to maintain a level of privacy that leaves much unknown about him. At one point, rumors suggested he underwent rhinoplasty or a nose job. However, Cruise debunked these rumors in an interview with Playboy Magazine, stating that it was not the case and never would be.

Did Tom Cruise Seek the Right Dental Procedures?

As previously noted, Tom Cruise undeniably possesses a dazzling smile, thanks in part to the efforts of his dentists, who likely worked diligently within the constraints of his demanding career. Given his perpetual presence in the spotlight since the 1980s, more invasive dental procedures may have been impractical due to time limitations.

However, improvements could have been made to Cruise's dental midline had he opted for a dental implant after losing a tooth. Such implants substitute natural teeth, preventing surrounding teeth from shifting. While there may have been associated costs, options such as dental implants in Turkey could have been viable.

With a crown affixed to the titanium screw of the implant, Cruise's smile would likely have appeared even more glamorous, as his dental midline would have been perfectly aligned with the center of his face.

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