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Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2023

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

It makes sense that cosmetic surgery is more widely practiced than ever before; from the extensive range of options to the expanding social acceptance, it's no wonder. As treatments of the past continue to remain popular, new and innovative methods are becoming more sought-after. Luviacure is providing an inside look at what's in store for cosmetic surgery trends by 2023.

2023 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Though the dependable classics will continue to thrive in 2023, exciting new cosmetic surgery trends will surely enter the scene. We can expect plenty of room for these innovative procedures and treatments to capture public attention.

In 2023, procedures tailored to the individual needs of male customers will remain a notable trend. Historically, women have sought out plastic surgery, but only in recent years are men beginning to look for surgical solutions for their problem areas. This year we observe that both genders are now looking into more intimate procedures- they wish to change the appearance of their genital area so they can be content and self-assured with who they are.

Renuvion Skin Tightening

For those who are medically unable or choose not to partake in invasive surgical procedures like facelifts, there is an alternative procedure known as Renuvion. This revolutionary treatment offers all of the perks without any substantial incisions.

Renuvion is a revolutionary skin-tightening treatment that offers superior results without the invasive use of scalpels. The procedure utilizes a tiny, cannula-like wand to remove and contract loose or sagging skin to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and more. This wand heats just below the skin's surface to encourage increased collagen production by utilizing the energy from radio frequency and helium plasma. Furthermore, immediate signs of tightened tissues are visible to us!

A renovation procedure can make you appear years younger in minutes. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look brighter and vibrantly, with fewer wrinkles. But this isn't just temporary; your results from Renuvion can last for years!

Male Liposuction

Liposuction is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery for men and will remain a preferred option in 2023. Men use this procedure to eliminate fat from their lower abdomen and sides. However, they can also remove fat from their chest, back, and shoulders through liposuction. The outcome of male liposuction is an athletic-looking figure that makes its mark!

Male liposuction works the same way for females, except that body fat, is drawn from different regions. A thin cannula -- similar to an IV needle -- is inserted into the skin and used by a surgeon to sculpt targeted areas with back-and-forth movements while vacuuming stubborn fat cells.

Gynecomastia Correction

Gynecomastia corrective surgery, more popularly known as "male breast reduction," is currently the second most demanded cosmetic procedure for men. This treatment eliminates gynecomastia- a condition where the chest area experiences excessive tissue enlargement. Frequently, this can cause males to feel insecure and have difficulty accepting their appearance; breast reduction removes excess fat around the breasts to create a smoother and more masculine chest contour.

Through male breast reduction surgery, the doctor can help you feel more confident when removing your shirt in 2023. The surgeon will generate a cut around each breast's areola and extend it following the body's natural curve, then eliminate any extra fat cells that have caused enlarged breasts. With this procedure, men can regain self-assurance with or without clothes!

Penile Enhancement

Despite being unable to fully modify the penis' shape, a few non-invasive procedures can provide girth to its shaft. Penile augmentation is an efficient and painless process taking approximately 20-30 minutes with long-lasting results giving men more self-esteem in and out of the bedroom. This treatment boosts width but may lead to a slight extension for some people. As the understanding of this operation grows, more and more men in 2023 will pursue a penile enlargement. This is completed by infusing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the penis shaft and glans. Afterward, slight swelling or bruising may occur, but recuperation time is swift - sexual activity can resume within seven days post-surgery!


In 2023, more and more women are turning to labiaplasty surgeries to feel confident about their bodies. While it is often men who make their dissatisfaction known when it comes to genital issues, many women, too, suffer from similar insecurities. With this available option for improvement, an increasing number of ladies have found success in altering how they view themselves through surgical adjustments that cater specifically to them. With a scalpel, the physician will skillfully excise excessive skin from the vulva folds. This popular procedure is part of the present-day "mommy makeover" trend and has been met with positive feedback.

Labia hypertrophy - an enlargement of the inner labia minora beyond the outer folds, or labia majora - can cause physical discomfort and unsightly aesthetics for many women. To address this issue, a procedure known as labiaplasty is frequently used to reshape and rejuvenate the inner lips of the vulva.

Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction, or hairline lowering surgery, helps reduce the vertical width of a large forehead. Often, this look can be debilitating to one's self-confidence and cause them to frequently try new hairstyles, hats, or scarves as solutions for their high hairline. Yet, with a forehead reduction procedure, these worries become obsolete. Eliminate your facial accessory headaches and anxieties in 2023 with a permanent forehead reduction. Small incisions are made along the hairline, allowing excess skin to be removed and pulling off the hairline lower - without worry about visible scarring because it is hidden within your natural hair! Is there anything better than an easy solution that narrows the appearance of one's forehead? We think not.

Popular Plastic Surgery Favorites in 2023

Trends in plastic surgery are constantly evolving, yet these treatments remain widely popular and constitute the great majority of cosmetic procedures performed annually. As we get closer to 2023, more individuals will be drawn to these classic favorites for remarkable transformations.

Breast Augmentation

Women are flocking to breast augmentation surgery, with statistics showing over 300,000 operations conducted every year. There are many reasons why women may choose this procedure, from reconstructive purposes or correcting asymmetrical breasts to simply wanting larger and more voluptuous curves. Ultimately, it's clear that size enhancement remains the primary motivation behind these surgeries.

Breast augmentation is a completely personalized experience. Patients can choose their ideal size and placement, whether silicone or saline implants are right to create the body they've been dreaming of! Thanks to its level of customization, it's no wonder that more women than ever are choosing breast augmentation procedures in 2023 - making this an exciting time for plastic surgery!


Liposuction is an increasingly sought-after procedure, with as many as 300,000 treatments conducted yearly. This operation eliminates fat pockets that are resistant to exercise and dieting through a skinny instrument known as a cannula. You can have this type of plastic surgery on numerous parts of your body, such as:

  • Hips

  • Thighs

  • Abdomen and belly

  • Upper arms

  • Buttocks

  • Back

Lipo 360 has gained traction as an increasingly popular alternative to traditional liposuction. With this technique, a surgeon eliminates fat encircling the waist - including the upper and lower abdomen, sides, and back - for a more contoured midsection with improved curves. In 2023 alone, we expect to see increased demand for this procedure!


Averaging around 225,000 surgeries annually, Rhinoplasty - commonly known as a nose job' - is the most requested facial plastic surgery procedure. Through this reshaping of the nose, it's possible to reduce its size or modify any bumps and narrowing of nostrils while giving a tip a smaller but well-desired shape. With Rhinoplasty, you can enhance your look in ways that weren't previously attainable!

Not only do rhinoplasties bring aesthetic improvements, but they also improve overall health and wellness. This procedure can be a great way to fix a broken nose, realign the septum, or even help patients breathe more oxygen as they sleep. That's why it is poised to remain one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries come 2023!


Clocking in as the second most sought-after facial surgery, blepharoplasty (or "eyelid surgery") is performed more than 200,000 times annually. This technique requires doctors to correct or erase bags under the eyes, plus it eliminates excess skin and fat from above the eyelid. The result? Eyes that appear larger and open for a refreshed look of youthfulness!

Brazilian Buttock Lift

In 2012, a mere 8,500 people had undergone Brazilian Buttock Lifts (BBLs); by 2020, the number had skyrocketed to almost 50,000. During this procedure, fat cells are extracted from areas like the belly and back through liposuction before being treated and inserted into one's buttocks for added volume. This is done to shape their physique and produce rounder and firmer results on their derriere!

The BBL trend is not showing signs of letting up as long as celebrities and social media influencers continue promoting bigger, firmer booties. In 2023, many women will achieve the perkier derrière they have been dreaming about, thanks to this procedure!

Tummy Tuck

Are you seeking a way to achieve your dream body for the upcoming year? Look no further than tummy tuck surgery! With over 100,000 procedures performed each year and counting, this popular body contouring option can help remove excess skin from the belly while tightening muscles. Achieve an attractive physique with a firmer midsection that won't quit - all thanks to tummy tuck surgery!

With the growing trend of living a healthier lifestyle in 2023, more and more people will turn to tummy tuck procedures. This procedure has historically been requested by women after childbirth but is becoming increasingly popular among patients with significant weight loss. By removing excess skin or damaged tissue, they can feel confident with their body contours following their weight-loss journey.

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