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Plastic Surgery Tips for Different Ages

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

2016 was a very busy year in terms of plastic-surgery. We have gathered different requests according to different ages.

2016 was a very busy year in terms of plastic-surgery. We have gathered different requests according to different ages.

20-30 age range

This age range actually constitutes the most demand for Botox. The ones who do not want wrinkles in future ask us “Is Botox early for me?” In order to answer this, we do skin analysis to evaluate if the patient is prone to be wrinkled skin. Some skins are prone to be wrinkled and have deep scratches by 30. In this group, proper Botox application may ensure big advantage for the future.

Another demand in this age group focuses on lip-plumping. Lip-plumping to the ones with thin lips ensures big sized lips for one year. If we base on 18 years in which nose growing is completed, youth want to have their nose done because of malformation and hardness in breathing in this period. Surgery fear is diminished thanks to easily removable tampons and not having bruises after the surgery. We can achieve a beautiful nose shape at the end of the month.

The second surgery most demanded in this range of age is breast enlargement surgery. Women with small breasts who do not think about having a baby can undergo this surgery in this period of time. There will be enlarging in breasts and it needs some time for them to be in correct shape, therefore, it would be reasonable to postpone the surgery after pregnancy and breast feeding.

30-40 age range

The most demanded operation is removing the deep scratch between cheek and nose which we call nasolabial area. It is possible to make features relaxed by not causing tense and widened features, with the idiom of my patients “mask wearing appearance.”

In order to increase moisturizing, quality and collagen quantity of the skin, stem cell therapy, which we call “PRP”, is the most demanded operation, which also I suggest. After this operation, you have a lively skin.

When we evaluate the patients applying to us, we see that the most demanded operations are liposuction and breast enlargement operation. With laser-liposuction method, we get rid of extra fat deposits and acquire faster recovering and flat appearance. In situations like breast shape deterioration after pregnancy, only breast lifting surgery; if volume loss is there as well, using silicon makes us to get better results.

40-50 age range

In this age range, we encounter spots on face and hands. Especially with the radioactive effect of sun, some skins are exposed to melanin raising. Situations like this can be solved with chemical peeling applications and lasers.

Fat injection and filling applications are demanded widely in this age range for the areas with atrophy.

Operations we do most is correction of sagging areas. Primary areas are stomach, face, and arm lifting surgeries.

50-60 age range

The most demanded operation is eyelid operations. Lively seeing can be maintained by curing fat herniation and having the eyelid skin out that sagging and making pressure to eye.

I suggest you to have these surgeries done under the sterile circumstances and go to professional doctors. There is always risk at these surgeries and in case of a complication, the doctor must have enough experience to overpass it.

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