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What's The Ideal Breast Implant Size?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Breast Implant
Breast Implant

You genuinely have a vast selection of breast implants to choose from because they come in various forms, sizes, profiles, and even "feels." Since bigger is not necessarily better, not every implant size will be ideal for you. Therefore, you must understand how to select the perfect breast implant size.

Remember that since the purpose of the surgery is to satisfy your desire for aesthetics, you will ultimately be the one selecting your implant. But discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a specific implant size with your surgeon is always a good idea.

How To Choose Breast Implant Size?

The following variables should be taken into account when selecting a breast implant size:

Check The CCs of The Implant

Many people compare the size of a breast implant to the bra cup size. The issue is that the bra business does not use a standard A, B, C, D, F, or G cup. cup sizes might differ in size from one brand to another. Therefore, it is not a good idea to tell your surgeon that you want to raise your breast size by one cup. The surgeon's "1 cup size" definition may differ significantly from yours.

You'll hear about "CCs" (short for cubic centimetres) when it comes to implants. It has to do with how much silicone or saline they contain. The implant's dimensions might range from 100 to 800 CC. Any more significant than that would require bespoke fabrication. For a discernible alteration in the appearance of your breasts, you might need roughly 100 CC. You might need 200 CC to raise the breast size by one cup size. However, be sure to speak with your surgeon.

Try The "Try-On" Implants

Clinics typically give patients implant sizers since it can be challenging to accurately visualize and predict how a specific CC of implant will look on you. You can insert these dummy implants into your bra to imagine how a typical breast implant size will look. The clinic will let you test these out. However, you may also create a rice implant sizer at home. It would be best if you carried out the following to make this:

· Cut a pantyhose to the height of the knee.

· Stuff it with uncooked rice.

· Secure it with a knot,

· Please place it in your bra, and try on various outfits.

You can calculate how much rice you need in mL to achieve your desired look because 1mL equals 1CC. You could also make a sizer at home without the rice, but you'll need a plastic bag. Remember that while they can give you a general concept of the implant's appearance, they are not exact measurements.

Show Before & After Photos To Your Surgeon

It's best to look at before and subsequent images of other patients before having cosmetic breast surgery. This will also assist you in determining whether you require additional surgery to deal with a separate issue. For instance, if your breasts are sagging, you would need a breast lift and augmentation rather than just implants to raise them—photos of the before and after can help you better understand these subtleties.

They also have an additional benefit, though. A patient's photo that mimics the results you want to see should be shown to your surgeon. By doing this, you and your partner can agree upon your expectations for the procedure. You may desire a "natural" outcome, but your surgeon may have a different definition of "natural." You can resolve such misinterpretations and improve communication with your surgeon by displaying pictures of actual patients before and after.

Ask About the Types of Implants

Other implant measurements, such as their profile and width, also impact the breast implant size. An implant's profile describes how much it will protrude from the breasts. High, medium, and low profiles are available.

The high-profile diameter has the most height or projection when the implant widths are constant. High-profile implants work best for women with smaller chests, whereas low-profile implants work best for women with broad chests.

The implant's breadth or diameter creates the new breasts' outline. The width of the breasts will determine how wide an implant should be positioned. It will appear unnatural or disfiguring if the breast breadth is relatively small and the breast implant is overly large. Your surgeon must measure the width of your breast, and the distance between the cleavage and the outer corner of the breast to select the proper breast implant size.

Take Your Anatomy into Consideration

Patients who receive breast implants frequently lament that they wish they had grown bigger. Choosing the larger size's not always a brilliant idea, even though you might want to. This is so that your anatomy can sustain the size of the breast implant. It may be challenging to support overly large implants if you have a tiny body structure.

They may strain your back and shoulders, resulting in a variety of aches and pains. Additionally, they are more likely to fall faster due to gravity's impacts and insufficient support. Additionally, there is a higher chance of bottoming out, symmastia or rippling if the implant is overly large or wide. Stretch marks may result from these implants stretching your skin too much.

The largest, most well-known implants might not always provide the best results for you. Your surgeon can advise choosing the larger breast implant size if you're torn between two that don't differ significantly in volume. That's because you might get more satisfying results that way.

The symmetry of your breast anatomy is another factor the surgeon needs to consider. It is feasible to use different breast implant sizes in each breast if one is larger or smaller than the other so that they appear symmetrical.

Take Your Lifestyle Into Consideration

The breast implant size best fits your needs and lifestyle will depend on your activity. Even though larger breasts are frequently what most women desire, they can wind up getting in the way. It may impact how you move and, ultimately, how well you perform.

This does not imply that you shouldn't receive breast augmentation surgery if you are an athlete. You can have the procedure, but tell the surgeon what activities you do and how active you are. They might advise you to have breast implants of a lesser size. Your personal preference should, of course, also be taken into account. Ask the surgeon about the impact of a particular implant size on your way of life.

Have Realistic Expectations

Even though you might have a specific implant size in mind, it's best to consult your surgeon with an open mind. An expert and qualified surgeon will better understand how an implant would seem on a specific body type. They can use such information to provide you with wise recommendations. Remember that getting the ideal size implant may not always be an option since your breast tissue may not be strong enough to support it, or you may not have enough breast tissue. Incorrect breast implant sizing can result in an unnatural appearance and various post-operative issues. You would then require revision surgery for a different breast implant size.

What Is the Most Common Breast Implant Size?

The most often utilized breast implant sizes range from 300 to 500CC, with the typical breast implant being about 300CC. However, the size of the implant you select shouldn't be based on how widespread it is. That's because, as was previously established, different people have distinct anatomy.

Based on it, different persons may experience various outcomes from the same implant. Your needs in terms of aesthetics should also influence the size of the implant. It would be best to decide for yourself because it might be subjective. There is no "one size fits all" breast implant. A variety of factors determine the optimum breast implant size. Your surgeon is the best person to advise you on this.

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