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Gastric Balloons in Turkey

Gastric Balloon

In the quest for effective weight management and a healthier lifestyle, innovations in medical technology continue to offer promising solutions. Gastric balloons have emerged as a non-surgical intervention, offering hope to individuals seeking a less invasive yet impactful approach to weight loss. These balloons, designed to occupy space in the stomach, trigger feelings of fullness, aiding in portion control and fostering healthier eating habits. Let's delve into the world of gastric balloons, exploring their mechanism, benefits, and potential considerations, as we uncover the transformative potential they hold in the realm of weight management.

What are Gastric Balloons?

Intragastric or stomach balloons, commonly known as gastric balloons, represent temporary and removable devices inserted into the stomach through endoscopy, lasting for a period of up to six months. These balloons are typically recommended for individuals with a BMI exceeding 30, though in certain instances, patients with a BMI as low as 27 may also be considered eligible for this intervention.

How do Stomach Balloons Help People to Lose Weight?

By occupying space within the stomach through an endoscopic procedure, these balloons effectively limit food intake, contributing to weight loss. Their placement serves as a physical barrier, promoting a sensation of fullness that aids individuals in controlling their eating habits.

Benefits of Gastric Balloons

Stomach balloons inserted via endoscopy present a viable alternative between medicinal approaches and surgical interventions. Their advantages include:

  • Elimination of medication reliance

  • Avoidance of surgical procedures

  • Lower costs compared to surgical alternatives

  • Reversibility of the procedure and temporary device placement

  • Accessibility for individuals who might not qualify for weight loss surgery.

Are Gastric Balloons Approved and Available?

Presently, two gastric balloon devices have gained approval, signifying a significant stride in minimally invasive obesity management. This breakthrough holds substantial potential to positively impact the lives of qualifying obese and overweight individuals. One of these devices, the Orbera™ Balloon, received approval in August 2015. It's a saline-filled device placed endoscopically through the mouth, containing 500-750 mL (24-36 ounces) of fluid. FDA-approved for up to six months of placement, its insertion requires proficient gastrointestinal endoscopists or surgeons, overseen by anesthesiologists. Typically, the outpatient procedure spans 20-40 minutes. Within the six-month timeframe, the stomach balloon is removed through a similar endoscopic procedure.

Benefits of Orbera

Orbera has found placement in numerous patients across Europe and various global regions, undergoing extensive clinical scrutiny to assess its efficacy and safety profile. These studies have consistently showcased remarkable effectiveness coupled with rare instances of reported adverse events. Among the most extensive studies encompassing up to 3000 patients, the observed weight loss at six months exceeded 30 pounds, equating to approximately 15% reduction in body weight or nearly a five-point decrease in BMI (body mass index). While certain aspects have received less comprehensive examination, specific studies indicate that the weight loss balloon yields notable enhancements in obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular health. Additionally, the gastric balloon demonstrates improvements in patients' lipid and blood sugar levels (Hemoglobin A1C). Even after its removal at the six-month mark, patients have reported sustained weight loss, a benefit observed even in a subset of individuals monitored for over five years post-balloon removal.

Risks of Orbera

Several studies have conducted thorough assessments of the side effects associated with intragastric balloon placement. Immediate discomfort, nausea, and vomiting were observed in a minority of patients (0.8-4%). Approximately 4.2% of patients had their gastric balloon removed prematurely due to intolerance. Rare yet serious side effects, such as migration, bowel obstruction, or perforation, occurred in 0.1-0.8% of cases, respectively.

The ReShape Duo balloon represents the second available weight loss balloon. While its design and volume differ slightly from the Orbera, the fundamental aim of this therapy remains consistent. Studies have indicated significant weight loss achieved with this balloon after six months of placement.

Is a Gastric Balloon Right for Me?

The Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery undertakes a thorough assessment to ascertain the suitability of a stomach balloon as part of your weight loss treatment plan. This initial evaluation is conducted by a multidisciplinary team comprising a Medical Nutritionist, Gastroenterologist, and Surgeon. Collaboratively, this team works with each patient to craft a personalized care plan tailored to individual histories and health conditions. The evaluation encompasses consideration of medical, endoscopic, and surgical options, ensuring a comprehensive approach aligned with each patient's needs and circumstances.

Consider Luviacure for Gastric Balloons in Turkey

When contemplating the path towards weight management and healthier living, Luviacure stands as a promising avenue for those considering gastric balloons. Our innovative approach, coupled with our commitment to personalized care and comprehensive evaluation, offers a beacon of hope for individuals seeking effective, minimally invasive solutions. With a multidisciplinary team and a focus on tailored treatment plans, Luviacure provides a supportive environment for patients to embark on their weight loss journey. By considering Luviacure Turkey for gastric balloons, individuals can access a transformative tool under the guidance of experts, potentially unlocking a path to a healthier, happier life. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

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