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Is Undergoing Plastic Surgery In Turkey A Secure Choice?

plastic surgery turkey

Health tourism in Turkey is facing unmatched growth in recent years. Despite the Turkey clinic's success stories, many individuals are concerned about whether it is safe to undergo cosmetic surgery there.

In regard to International Health Services (USHAS), more than 1.2 million individuals received health services in the year 2023, and the goal was to increase the number by 2024.

Turkey has put measures in place for a number of years, thus ensuring safety in health tourism. Despite this, it is always advisable to do due diligence to ensure safety before one gets plastic surgery in Turkey.

Is It Safe To Get Plastic Surgery In Turkey? 

With a specialized and experienced surgeon who is a member of the Turkish Medical Association and carrying out activities in a Ministry of Health-regulated facility, it is always safe to achieve cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

However, one should remember that risks exist in surgery procedures. This may happen whether you are receiving the procedures in Turkey or your home country.

Despite this, it is always advisable to find out if your home country's clinic provides aftercare since it can be challenging to fly to other countries in case of complications.

With medical tourism exploding in recent years, there is evidence that several clinics have been operating illegally. Nevertheless, that is not only an issue in Turkey.

As an example, in the United Kingdom, an undercover operation done by Milton Keynes City Council identified 23 clinics that were providing Fillers and Botox illegally. In addition, another report by MailOnline showed that cosmetic surgeries were being offered to individuals using the so-called "cosmetic lotteries."

This problem is pervasive in the industry; thus, one must do in-depth research before undertaking treatment at any clinic.

Why Is It Safe To Get Plastic Surgery In Turkey? 

Turkey has established regulations governing health tourism, encompassing laws such as the Law on the Method of Execution of Medicine and Medical Science, as well as the Law on Health Care Services. The Ministry of Health is mandated to grant specific licenses before healthcare services can be provided.

In 2017, additional regulations were implemented to enhance the appeal of health tourism to foreigners. This included the creation of the "International Tourism Health Unit," with each unit required to have at least 2 English-speaking staff members. Attaining International Health Tourism authorization certificates is a prerequisite for offering health tourism services.

To operate legally, medical facilities must possess the necessary licenses, and regular inspections by the Ministry of Health Inspection Board are conducted to ensure the maintenance of high-quality healthcare standards. Furthermore, doctors, aside from being registered with the Turkish Medical Association, are also obligated by Law to have liability insurance. Many surgeons are affiliated with international bodies like the ISAPS, indicating extensive experience and diverse expertise compared to most doctors.

Turkey's healthcare industry has made significant strides, with healthcare expenditure reaching 354 billion Turkish lira (£15 billion) in 2021, nearly tripling over the past five years. According to the 2021 global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Turkey ranks among the countries with the highest percentage of medical tourists. In that year alone, 950,365 procedures were performed, maintaining a similar ratio of surgical to non-surgical treatments.

Considering Turkey's modern healthcare infrastructure, obtaining plastic surgery here is deemed safe. However, certain precautions should be taken into account. Top of Form

How Can You Get Safe Plastic Surgery In Turkey? 

Before finalizing any treatment in Turkey, thorough research is crucial. To facilitate this, consider the following steps:

Review Analysis:

Begin by scrutinizing reviews, but don't solely rely on those featured on the company's website. Explore independent third-party platforms such as Trustpilot and Google reviews (while being wary of potential fakes). Pay attention to reviews that convey authenticity and humanity. Some companies may post fabricated reviews to enhance their image. Additionally, verify before-and-after photos through a reverse image search to confirm their association with the specific clinic.

Surgeon's Credentials:

Inquire about the surgeon's experience, training, and specialization relevant to the desired surgery. Ensure that they possess genuine degrees and certificates. If they claim affiliation with international organizations, such as ISAPS, utilize resources like the ISAPS member register for verification. The Turkish Ministry of Health's website also provides information on authorized healthcare providers and facilitators.

Understanding the Surgery:

Prior to undergoing the procedure, gather comprehensive information from your clinic/surgeon. This not only aids in understanding their expertise but also allows you to assess their behavior. Be cautious of pushy or over-promising attitudes, which may signal a red flag. Please inquire about the surgeon's complication rate, understanding that absolute zero is unlikely while ensuring it is within reasonable limits.

Aftercare Inquiries:

When opting for surgery in a foreign country like Turkey, prioritize understanding the aftercare protocols. Monitoring the results and having access to immediate assistance from your doctor in case of concerns is vital. Adequate aftercare not only ensures the effectiveness of the surgery but also guarantees your safety post-operation.

Consider Luviacure Turkey For All Your Plastic Surgery Needs

The decision to undergo plastic surgery in Turkey with Luviacure emerges as a secure and well-founded choice in the world of medical aesthetics. Turkey's progressive healthcare regulations, combined with Luviacure's commitment to transparency, qualified surgeons, and comprehensive patient care, paint a picture of reliability and safety. From meticulous reviews and surgeon credentials to a detailed understanding of procedures and robust aftercare, Luviacure Turkey stands out as a trusted partner in one's journey toward enhanced aesthetics. With a focus on excellence, patient satisfaction, and adherence to international standards, Luviacure Turkey offers a secure pathway for those seeking the transformative benefits of plastic surgery in the vibrant and medically advanced landscape of Turkey. Choosing Luviacure is not just about beauty; it's about making a secure investment in your well-being and aesthetic aspirations.


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