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What is the secret behind Elon Musk's hair transplant?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Elon was a victim of the male pattern baldness condition. Male pattern baldness is a hereditary hair loss that typically affects men with thin hair and thinning near the crown.

Elon's hair loss pattern reflects a series of events, although there is no cure for male pattern baldness other than hair transplant.

Elon Musk before was making headlines; this was after getting a hair transplant. It was shocking back after photos revealed that Elon Musk got a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is described as a procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the donor area and then transplanted to another area with thinning or balding, where they can grow. It's often done on those who have lost their hair due to male pattern baldness, alopecia (hair loss). Also, chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients, thyroid disorders, or other factors cause an increased speed at which your body sheds its hairs. The doctor carefully removes strips of skin containing 1-4 grafts per strip. The surgery, performed under local anaesthesia, is quick and painless!

Elon Musk's hair transplant?

In what is considered to be a bold move, Elon Musk decided to undergo hair transplant surgery.

In 2017, Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk underwent an experimental surgical procedure called follicular unit extraction (FUE). The FUT or strip method could have left him with visible scars on his scalp for life; this was not desirable as he is often in front of cameras speaking at conferences where photos are taken regularly.

When looking for a hair transplant, finding the right doctor with the proper credentials can be challenging. Luckily at Luviacure, we have years of experience and are committed to doing them right.

DHI hair transplant

DHI stands for Derma hair implantation, a surgical procedure that involves transferring healthy hair follicles from the scalp to bald areas.

The DHI technique is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques. It allows for more accurate graft placement, so the final result has a more natural appearance with no visible signs that it was transplanted.

Also, DHI is one of the least invasive techniques available today, and it does not require any punctures to enter the scalp. In addition, the use of instruments designed specifically for ensuring success in the extraction procedure and implanting them into another area guarantees their efficient performance.

With the introduction of the smaller micro-engine, professional DHI technicians can execute this procedure much faster, leaving behind no hair in their wake.

How is the DHI hair transplant performed?

The DHI Hair Transplant is performed under local anaesthesia. DHI Hair Transplant takes around 8 hours and is a multi-step process.

  • Consultation

Important patient characteristics are determined by the hair trichologist during their consultation of your situation, considering factors such as the cause of your hair loss and its progression. This includes whether you have thick or thin hair, how long you expect to wait for some growth, and just what kind of expectations you have.

Before the surgery, your doctor will draw the hairline based on your natural hairline and address any gaps in coverage. Afterward, they'll contact you to confirm how many grafts you need on each area of the scalp.

  • Preparation

Pre-operative tests will be performed, and your hair in the donor area will be trimmed. Shaving may not be necessary for DHI. After cleaning your scalp, it will be sterilized.

  • Local Anesthesia

Some patients think that the process of getting a hair transplant is painless, but this isn't true for everyone - medicine might be necessary. In addition, people with high pain sensitivity or a deep fear of needles may be familiar with the struggle of being in an operating room.

Luviacure hair transplant program offers anaesthesia-free from this typical side effect for those who want extra assurance during surgery.

  • Extraction

Hair follicles smaller than 1 millimeter is taken from the donor site with a device called a micromotor.

  • Loading Hair Follicle into the CHOI Pen

The hair follicles are placed one by one into the CHOI pen. The needle tips can closely approach the skin without touching it by using forceps inside the needles.

  • Implantation or Graft Insertion

In DHI, 1mm hair follicles are copied from the back of the head to a recipient area using Choi Implanter. Then, the needle on the CHOI Pen does everything, including providing an opening for the egg to meet sperm and implant in your uterus.

How can I get an Elon Musk hair transplant?

The loss of hair can have a significant impact on your confidence and mental health. If you want to stop feeling wrong about this issue, then seek medical treatment. When considering an Elon Musk hair transplant, be sure to consult with a qualified doctor. With so many clinics providing aesthetic procedures today, it can be challenging to figure out which one is reputable and accessible.

When you're selecting a hair transplant clinic, there are many factors to consider. For example, deciding where to go for a hair transplant can be tricky- you need to research quality, procedures, and the instruments of each place.

At Luviacure, we aim to make a hair transplant possible for everyone. We have the most accredited medical professionals offering the best services. In addition, at Luviacure, we offer competitive hair transplant prices. So, whether you want a new hairstyle or an extension piece, Luviacure has the most affordable rates in the UK.

Advantages of DHI hair transplant

  • The DHI technique provides the most natural look and delivers the most hair density.

  • The scar potential associated with DHI is minimal, and there are no cases of bleeding during the implantation phase because DHI does not involve making any incisions.

  • The risk of crusting and postulation is low.

  • This technique is fast to recover from, and patients can quickly go back to their daily routines.

Who is a good candidate for a DHI hair transplant?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is appropriate for patients who

  • Need front hairline transplantation,

  • Need eye-brow transplantation,

  • Need beard and mustache transplantation,

  • Do not prefer to be shaved for the operation,

  • Want to have thicker and higher density in their receding and balding areas (only if the donor area is suitable and the recipient area is not significant)

Why choose Luviacure?

Are you looking for the perfect balance of hair and beauty? Luviacure is a leading provider of advanced plastic surgery that incorporates cutting-edge techniques to create an overall look that will make you feel confident about your appearance.

At Luviacure plastic surgery, we offer:

  • A wide variety of hair transplant services.

  • Affordable prices.

  • High-quality procedures.

  • Over 5000 procedures performed by doctors.

  • No waitlists.

  • Accessible healthcare.

Also, we offer free consultations where our trained surgeons work with you to find suitable for your needs, from standard procedures like DHI to more experimental and rare treatments.


If you are looking for a hair transplant, then at Luviacure, we are the experts to go with. We have been providing high-quality and affordable treatments. Our expertise can help people who are balding or thinning find relief from this unfortunate condition. Besides, Luviacure experts offer professional advice on what kind of treatment will work best depending on your needs as an individual. When choosing a reputable provider like Luviacure plastic surgery UK/plastic surgery Turkey, always remember that price is not necessarily indicative of quality service - just because something costs more doesn't mean it.

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