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Bryan Johnson's Reverse Aging Routine

bryan johnson

To stop the aging process and get the body of an 18-year-old, tech millionaire Bryan Johnson underwent an injection of his 17-year-old son's plasma.

Johnson made news in the past for disclosing that he was spending $2 million (£1.6 million) annually on a rigorous regimen to slow the aging process.

He acknowledged receiving a plasma transfusion from his son, as reported by The Times, in his most recent endeavor to look younger. This move was motivated by research showing that older rodents benefited from sharing a circulatory system with younger mice.

Johnson has stated that he will soon publish the outcomes of his plasma therapy even if the consequences on humans are unclear.

Who Is Bryan Johnson?

A tech entrepreneur from Utah named Bryan Johnson, 45 is on a mission to stop the aging process.

Johnson was a former Mormon missionary brought up in the Church of Latter-day Saints.

His son Talmage, 17, told The Times that his father was "partially estranged" from his three children after he quit the faith. Currently, a father and son share a home in California.

He made his money by selling a tech company to eBay, and he has since invested in health tech projects, including Project Blueprint, an anti-aging initiative.

Reversing Aging

The mogul then disclosed his upcoming project, Project Blueprint, which he said will launch in 2021 and try to stop his organs from aging. He stated that year that his biological age was 36, which was eight years less than his chronological age of 44.

Following his Blueprint program for two years, Johnson reportedly reduced his aging process by 31 years and is now aging at a rate comparable to that of a 10-year-old. He possesses "ideal" body fat, muscle, and "perfect" liver fat. However, becoming older is neither a simple task nor a cheap one.

Johnson has a set daily schedule that includes how many calories he consumes (less than 2,000), what he eats (a vegan diet with 16 to 18 hours of fasting each day), how many supplements he takes in the morning and at dinner, and how much time he spends exercising (an hour per day, three HIIT sessions per week). Johnson spends over $2 million (£1.6 million) annually on this rigorous regimen, which includes hundreds of yearly measures (routine measurements have BMI, blood glucose, physical fitness, MRIs, and ultrasounds).

Johnson said he gets "tremendous pleasure" from his work, despite the process sounding dull and challenging to most people. Johnson told British GQ, "It's amusing because most people hear about this and immediately conclude that I must be miserable. It isn't easy to comprehend how doing this might bring me greater joy than doing anything else.

What Does Bryan Johnson Do? And Is It Scientific?

Fasting Mr. Johnson claims to observe a 23-hour fast every day. Then, he consumes 2,250 calories of nutrient-rich food "tailored" to his body's requirements at one meal every day.

How we metabolize nutrients, levels of inflammation, hormonal control, and cardiometabolic health (blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, and waist circumference) can all be improved by eating for time-restricted portions of the day.

However, eating like a Spartan can affect our body's glucose tolerance, which is how it reacts to sugar. Additionally, cutting calories at each meal is often just as beneficial for weight maintenance. The minimal risk-benefit results of fasting require confirmation by large-scale, lengthy human trials.

Acid peels

To retain a "youthful glow," Mr. Johnson undergoes weekly acid peels, which exfoliate the skin using mild acid.

However, you cannot remove deep scars or wrinkles or tighten drooping facial skin. Risks associated with acid peels include organ injury, infection, scarring, and edema.

Plasma infusions

Receiving blood transfusions from his 17-year-old kid is arguably the strangest youth-inducing operation Mr. Johnson has tried. For decades, US biotech companies have investigated plasma infusions to treat age-related disorders in people. However, there are no validated clinical advantages. Blood-borne diseases, fever, and allergic reactions are all adverse reactions to blood transfusions.

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