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Did The Weeknd Get Plastic Surgery?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is one of Canada's most streamed artists in 2020 (with over 3 billion streams). After Hours is the most-streamed album in the world. The R&B pop artist has won three Grammy Awards and many other honors, so he is a well-known public figure whose actions are regularly being observed.

When he showed up at the 2021 Super Bowl with face bandages and what appeared to be a bloody face, it fueled rumors that he had plastic surgery. In addition, he uploaded a picture to Instagram that appeared to have drastically changed his appearance. After a string of gaffes that suggested he had surgery, this seems to be the case. It turned out that The Weeknd was performing a piece of performance art rather than a post-op change. Furthermore, the bandages were an excellent way to conceal the backup dancers' faces while keeping COVID-19 in mind without using an unsightly mask.

What happened to his face?

We witness him with prosthetics in his video for "Save Your Tears." This was done to represent how a complex plastic treatment, fillers, Botox, buccal fat reduction, brow lift, and nose job would appear.

When he made his way to the AMAs 2020 ceremony, he had bandages on nearly every inch of his head. He appeared to have undergone a lot of surgery or suffered a terrible injury.

He did it to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated or stoned.

Can Plastic Surgery Change Your Face Shape?

Even though The Weeknd's face transformation was a hoax, many celebrities and non-celebrities alike undergo substantial facial transformations every year. Facial aesthetic surgery may transform the face uniquely and provide far better results than The Weeknd's hoax of an "after" photo. Skilled cosmetic surgeons can perform various operations that change the face's form by changing underlying bone structure. The following are some examples of how cosmetic surgery might transform your appearance:

  • Facial implants

Facial implants are solid, gel-like substances that can enhance the face. Facial implants may restore facial symmetry and establish a permanent contour. They may also lift the forehead to give the impression of a youthful appearance. Patients who have lost volume in their face or wish to build their jawline frequently opt for this treatment due to these skills.

  • Chin surgery

The objective of chin surgery is to change the shape of the chin through the implant, bone reduction, or augmentation treatment. Chin surgery may be used to create an aesthetically appealing facial contour, correct facial asymmetry, enhance jawline definition, increase face proportionality, and provide a sense of harmony among the features of the face. A chin implant is a treatment that adds height to the face and makes it appear more proportionate. Some patients choose this surgery for various reasons, including to add more projection to their chins or decrease the appearance of a projecting chin. Some plastic surgeons may recommend chin surgery to individuals who have a liquid or surgical rhinoplasty to enhance facial proportions.

  • Facial feminization

Facial feminization is the practice of altering a person's face to make it appear more feminine. Facial feminization may include moving the hairline backward to reduce the forehead, adding volume to lips or cheeks, and correcting chin or jaw shape. Facial feminization, as the name implies, is a procedure that changes male characteristics into more feminine ones. Because facial feminization is meant to transform masculine features into more feminine ones, it is frequently included in gender confirmation surgery for transgender people. Nonetheless, plastic surgeons may keep the concepts and features of facial feminization in mind when working with patients who wish to acquire a softer, more traditionally feminine look.

  • Jawline contouring surgery

The goal of a jawline contouring operation, also known as a V-line or mandibuloplasty, is to make the jawline appear narrower. It removes sections of the jawbone and chin for the body to heal in a form that resembles the letter "V." Patients who wish to have this procedure are usually looking for ways to move their jawline forward to give their face a more fluid flow from their jaws to their chins.

  • Trauma reconstruction

Reconstruction procedures following a traumatic accident are intended to assist those who have suffered such an injury. The objective is to restore the function and appearance of their face. Soft tissues, such as burns lacerations, bruises, or facial bone fractures, can be involved in a traumatic facial injury. Accidents fall, violence and vehicle collisions are the most common causes of facial damage. To help us restore the patient's previous functionality and appearance, techniques such as skin grafts, flap surgery, and tissue expansion are frequently used.

  • Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is an operation that aims to correct jawbone faults. It may also help to align the jaws more efficiently and successfully. The result is a more unified bite and improved facial aesthetics. Patients with misaligned jaws frequently require this surgery to realign their teeth. After this surgery, patients find that their jaw looks and functions as it should, making daily life a bit easier.


Facelifts, blepharoplasties, ear surgery, and other non-surgical treatments are all available at Luviacure Turkey. Facial plastic surgery is a significant decision, and we are here to assist you in any way possible during this difficult time. Our objective is to make our patients look better and draw attention to their natural beauty, which they have always possessed. It's conceivable to utilize facial bone surgery to deal with insecurities and enhance confidence levels instead of what The Weeknd may be demonstrating on his social media sites. If you're considering getting any plastic surgery, feel free to schedule a free consultation today at Luviacure Turkey!

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