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Everything You Should Know About Emface


Since it first hit the market, the non-invasive face-lifting technology Emface has been hailed as groundbreaking. However, the same may be stated for several other face-lifting techniques, including Morpheus8, Ultherapy, Sofwave, and Microcurrent.

There are undoubtedly a lot of favorable reports of this procedure. However, you hardly notice a difference in many of the before and after pictures.

The truth is that it can address specific skin issues, much like many other non-surgical facelift alternatives. However, to argue that it is a perfect substitute for surgical facelifts would be inaccurate.

What Is Emface?

Emface is a minimally invasive face-lifting surgery that uses radiofrequency and electrical stimulation to target the skin and muscles. If you're wondering why Emface sounds similar to you, it was created by the same company that created Emsculpt for body contouring, BTL Aesthetics.

Emface is comparable to that tool in that it exercises the facial muscles to tone and build up their density. "HIFESTM energies," which are "High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation," assist in this. The dermis is heated by radiofrequency to constrict the collagen and promote new collagen growth. This makes the skin even more taut. Emface will get the best results if it addresses both the muscle and the skin in this manner.

Who's A Good Candidate For Emface?

If any of the following apply to you:

  • You have minor facial wrinkles and fine lines.

  • You avoid needles or have a phobia of them.

  • You desire a slight facelift.

  • You want to make your skin slightly tighter.

Additionally, younger persons with less loose skin are better candidates for this gadget.

Emface is not a surgical procedure, thus, it won't be able to remove any extra hanging skin. This makes it the best option for "preventative aging."

However, remember that if you have metal implants, plates, or piercings in your face, this therapy may not be appropriate for you. This is so that the metal won't disrupt electrical stimulation.

How To Prepare for Emface Treatment?

Before visiting the clinic, clean your face of all makeup and residue since the Emface pads won't stick properly if you don't.

Make sure to cleanse and adequately dry your face. Additionally, it would be preferable if you took off any jewelry or piercings before. And be sure to let your practitioner know if you have any skin issues before the treatment.

What's The Procedure For Emface?

Emface doesn't cause any discomfort. Thus, it doesn't need to be used with anesthesia or numbing cream. Your practitioner will merely apply three pads to your face and a grounding pad to your back.

Two pads are placed on the cheeks, and one is placed on the forehead. Emface specifically targets the frontalis muscle in the forehead, which lifts the brows, explaining why. It also concentrates on the zygomaticus major and minor power, which lifts the corners of the mouth during laughter and smiles, for example.

Cables are coming from each pad that connects to a machine. You'll feel someone tapping your face as soon as the therapy begins (HIFES creates hundreds of pulses for muscle contraction).

About 20 minutes into the session, you'll be finished for the day. However, there are still four more recommended treatment sessions after this one. These all happen seven to ten days apart.

What Are Emface's Side Effects?

Emface has few side effects, so you can quickly return to your regular routine following treatment. After the operation, you might have some redness, but it should go away by itself.

This procedure could be uncomfortable because it exercises the facial muscles. The rest of your regular activities won't be affected by the treatment, though.

When Do You See The Results of Emface?

Emface's manufacturer claims that you'll immediately notice "tangible results" following treatment. However, Emface often produces benefits after 4-6 weeks. And the outcomes will keep improving over the coming weeks.

You should consider taking a before and after picture of yourself to ensure that Emface hasn't caused any alterations to your face. In this way, the effects of Emface sessions are easy to see.

Remember that since every person is different, your results could not be the same as those of another. Your age and skin condition may play a role.

Is Emface Permanent?

Emface's effects are short-lasting. You will require more treatments to maintain the results, which could last up to a year. Emface can tone facial muscles and increase collagen synthesis (studies have shown that radiofrequency can do that), but these results won't remain.

Can Emface Cause Facial Sagging?

You would assume that Emface could make wrinkles on the face worse because it contracts the muscles in the face. It completely opposes Botox, which paralyzes the facial muscles to prevent wrinkles.

However, it's claimed that Emface only activates the face's lifting muscles after they've been toned. On the other hand, Botox targets several facial muscles. That poison affects depressors, a muscle that, when contracted, lowers a bodily component. Therefore, Emface shouldn't make your facial wrinkles worse.

What's The Cost of Emface?

Emface costs at least £3,000 in the UK (around $5,000 in the US) to purchase. This applies to each of the four treatment sessions. There are currently not many facilities in the UK that provide this treatment. Therefore, demand may increase costs.

The ultimate cost of your package will also depend on the clinic's location and the practitioner's level of competence.

Why Consider Luviacure for Emface Procedures

Emface is a cutting-edge procedure that targets both the skin and the muscles of the face to reduce the early indications of aging. It can benefit that situation, but there are more viable alternatives to a surgical facelift.

A facelift includes removing extra skin and tightening muscles; neither of these procedures can be accomplished without surgery. Because of this, the effects of therapies like Emface are relatively mild.

Whether you're looking for an emface, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast implants, or any other procedure – consider doing it in Turkey! Our surgeons are experts at what they do and will answer all your questions before performing any operation on you!

With Luviacure, you deserve to feel confident about your appearance - that's why we're committed to providing our patients with high-quality care at an affordable price. If you want to learn more about what we do or how we can help you, schedule a consultation today!

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