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How Many Veneers Do You Need for A Full Smile?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

When you think of a Hollywood smile, you probably imagine someone who has had veneers put on their teeth. Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment that can give patients a beautiful and natural-looking smile. But how many veneers do you need for a full smile? And what are the benefits of getting veneers? Keep reading to find out!

Full Smile Veneers

We frequently encounter patients who come in wanting a real smile or complete set of veneers but have no idea what that entails or how many veneers they will require. We've caught up with one of the cosmetic dentists at Luviacure Turkey to clarify what happens when someone seeks full-smile veneers.

What Do You Mean by Full Smile Veneers?

Another name for a comprehensive smile makeover with veneers is a "full-face or complete set of veneers." This implies transforming your existing smile into the one you have always desired. Veneers offer the ability to adjust the form, size, or length of your teeth by covering your natural teeth with a piece of porcelain or composite. Imagine placing a fake fingernail over your natural nails.

How Many Veneers Do You Need for A Full Smile?

To obtain a complete veneer's smile, many people believe that you must cover each tooth with a veneer, including the back teeth. We only care about the teeth that are visible when you grin at Luviacure Turkey. As a result, the vast majority of our patients have between 6 and 10 veneers for each arch, depending on the width of their smile. Most of our patients only have their top teeth; it's also possible to perform bottom teeth work.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Full Set of Veneers?

Depending on the type of work involved, veneers can give you a new, dreamy grin in as few as three to four visits. After you and your dentist have established that veneers are the ideal solution for you, you will most likely have two appointments: one will be a prep session and the second an actual fit session (when the veneers are applied).

The prep appointment is where you'll talk about the form and colors you want, and your dentist will take molds of your teeth to send to the lab. They'll be able to create temporary veneers from there.

When the temporary veneers have healed, you'll put them on and wear them for a few weeks to ensure they're comfortable. At this time, you may modify the form or size of the veneers before they are utilized.

Once you've found a dentist who uses temporary veneers that are aesthetically appealing to you, schedule an appointment for your fit session. This time is generally about 2 hours long.

Do I Need to Have Straight Teeth for A Full Set of Veneers?

As with any veneer treatment, we would advise that it is best suited for individuals who already have straight teeth. Because our veneers are extremely thin and of excellent quality, they require relatively little preparation for your natural teeth (unlike those you see in other countries). Typically, the straighter they are, the less preparation is required.

If you want to improve the way your smile appears but do not have a straight grin, we propose combining procedures and starting with teeth straightening treatment before veneers.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step would be to visit our cosmetic dentists in Luviacure Turkey, for a consultation. We will be able to speak about the treatment in-depth and your expectations during the consultation, and the dentist will be able to tell whether it would be the best option for you.

Consultations are free to secure the appointment at the time of booking. If you are interested, please get in touch via the Contact Form, email at, or give us a call on 02081876211.

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